Tell your story so that people will hear you, remember you and consider you worthy of investment.

Be Loud ( Speak to the person who is farthest from you ).

Be Proud ( shoulders up, chest out, chin up and smile ).

Be Succint ( practice your presentation — record your practices — critique your performance — Repeat ).

Research your Audience ( You instinctively speak differently with toddlers than you speak with Rhodes Scholars — try to grasp the perspective of your audience ).

Look people in the eye ( if you’re not paying attention to me; then…

By Margaret Franckhauser, MS, MPH President and CEO, NextFifty Initiative

After Denver Startup Week (September 24–28), I can say with confidence that we are living and working in a hotbed of entrepreneurial passion. The creativity, know-how, drive and curiosity that spins through Downtown Denver during this stretch of time is sure to invigorate anyone who participates.

When people attend events like this, they are usually looking through a lens that pertains to them. Are they hoping to find a fresh new company seeking investment? Seeking mentorship through the murky waters of launching an idea? We were there to listen and…

By Jessica Lake, Xactly HR Programs Manager

In today’s digital world, the workplace is advancing with technology and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). As a result, we must evolve in the workplace faster and more creatively than ever before. As younger generations begin entering the workforce, there are many things to consider when it comes to career planning and advancement. The same goes for young sales professionals.

As part of a sales organization, you’ll have peers, managers, and executive leaders that can offer advice and provide guidance in your field. …

How moving money can power the entrepreneurial spirit in local communities worldwide

During Denver Startup Week, while we celebrate our city’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit, we would also like to shine a light on local economies across the globe, and the integral role that remittances play to fuel local innovation and entrepreneurship globally.

As a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement, we know that many of our clients are migrants who send money home to help provide for basic needs such as food, clothing, medical treatments, and education. Remittances from our customers play a vital role in empowering people in 200…

By Margaret Franckhauser, MS, MPH President, and CEO, NextFifty Initiative

As we grow up, we make school, college and work friends. We meet neighbors and others who are involved in similar activities. Without knowing it, we become very focused on peers — who are usually a lot like us. But with the exception of families who are very intentional about multi-generational interaction (e.g. regular visits to the grandparents’/grandkids’ house), it isn’t common in our current society to cultivate intergenerational relationships. That’s too bad because all generations miss out when they limit their social contacts. …

By Margaret Franckhauser, MS, MPH President and CEO, NextFifty Initiative

At 82, my neighbor John was living alone and receiving treatment for lung cancer. The treatment affected his nervous system so his balance and coordination were impaired. He was at great risk of falling and injuring himself.

His daughter, an experienced nurse, secured a fall alert system for his home — the kind that had a base unit connected via Bluetooth to a device he was supposed to wear. The concept was this: he was to wear the device around his neck and press the button to summon emergency help…

Andy Burner, VP of People & Business Operations, Americas — Xero

Job fairs are a great way to not only put yourself in front of a multitude of companies at once, but get to know a large number of companies and the people that work for them in a short amount of time. It almost goes without saying that at these events you’re also vying for the attention of these companies against hundreds and maybe even thousands of other job seekers. Last year, Denver Startup Week’s Job Fair saw 3,500 prospective employees and more than 125 companies converge for an…

We all know Denver Startup Week is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators, founders, and developers to take their ideas to the next level, but how do you best leverage the week to tell your story?

By Comcast NBCUniversal

You’ve already got the product, the team, and the passion for your startup, now it’s time to promote yourself.

For Comcast’s Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Engagement, Danielle Cohn, it all comes down to storytelling.

“It’s critical that startups differentiate themselves from their competitors,” Cohn says. “The best way to do that is by having a great product. …

Is White Glove Service Dead?

In an age where search engines and artificial intelligence can put virtually any piece of information in your hands within seconds, what is the role human connection plays making large life decisions? In sales, they say that by the time a modern buyer shows up for a large purchase, they have already done their research, compared pricing and know exactly from whom they will buy. Technology makes it so easy to take ourselves through the decision-making process, whether it’s buying a loaf of bread or a new car. …

Susan Ranford, Denver Content Specialist

The media might glorify Silicon Valley startups, but the real life of an entrepreneur is stressful. You are responsible for making your business successful. To get your company going, you work late into the night and are constantly rushing to get things completed.When it seems like you have finally finished your work, a problem crops up that you have to deal with right away. While you cannot prevent every disaster, there are a few ways you can make your job easier as an entrepreneur. Here’s how-

Plan Out Your Life

There are several reasons why the right schedule can actually make your life easier. For your employees and family, it helps to show when and how you will spend your time. If the morning time is clearly scheduled for work, your family will learn to understand that you are not available during that time.

Likewise, your employees will quickly learn that scheduled time with your family is important to you. By deliberately setting aside time for a work-life balance, you can make your schedule a little easier to keep.

Other than boosting your work-life balance…

Team & Culture

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