How many times have you awakened in the morning and have had this voice in your head tell you: “I don’t feel like going to work?” I’m sure quite often right? Very few wake up and jump out of the bed with excitement about their job. Some of us just don’t have that luxury. I woke up this morning thinking about you. I woke up with my HEAVILY EMPATHETIC thoughts of living the life through others. I know what others are going through because I spend a lot of time talking to others and really being interactive in their lives. So this monster thought sneaks in and hits you when you are vulnerable. You have feelings and identify these feelings as YOU. I have a very critical suggestion for you. What if you didn’t think of these feelings as your feelings? What if you thought of these as INVADERS into your PEACEFUL CAMP? Most people desire peace. One of the first things to attain this peace is to be self-aware. Being self-aware helps you to take inventory of your mind. Taking inventory of your mind is to identify INVADERS and PEACEMAKERS in your mind. THEN YOU SEPARATE THEM ON A THOUGHT TRACKING LIST. Finally focus on treatment of the invading thoughts be introducing the opposite positive thoughts in heavy doses on a THOUGHT TRAIN. Creating positive trains of thought creates a positive mindset and then it is smooth sailing. Don’t forget to MAINTENANCE YOUR RAILYARD!!! The rail yard could become messy again if the wrong TRAIN COMES IN!!! FORGET YOUR FEELINGS

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