How to enhance your eyes with eyeliner pencils?

Gone are the days when eyeliners were just available in black. Now, thirty fun shades are available in the market to provide the opportunity to the ones who like to play with the colors and also prefer to glam up their lash lines. From sea green to dark violet, and golden to pink, the colors choices will really please you. However, all of the colors are not suitable for everyone. Go through the tips to have an idea of the suitable color option for yourself:

Some basic tips:

  • Do not go for a color option that takes way from the natural beauty of your eye color
  • Consider the features and size of your eye before visualizing a particular look
  • Visualize the look you are going for
  • Decide on the finish -matte of glossy
  • Figure out the shape of your eyes

Eyeliner application tips as per the eye shape:

  • If you eyes are rounder, you must try to add length by putting a winged liner for that elongated eye or cat eye
  • If your eyes are small, you should try to use lighter shades as well as dark liner only on the outer corner of your eyes instead of lining it above, otherwise, the eyes will look even more smaller
  • If your eyes are big, you can experiment with your liner a bit or just simply putting a bold and dark liner

Choose suitable eyeliner based on your eye color:

Blue eyes:

You can bring the blue eyes into focus by choosing rusty terracotta. And you can make your eyes appear brighter by adding copper, gold, and emerald shades; it will make your blue eyes look beautiful.

Grey eyes:

Choosing the right makeup for grey eyes is a little bit of tricky, but, right makeup can enhance your eyes at the same time. Burgundy or chocolate brown will be the right shade to complement your eye color.

Green eyes:

First, you can lid the line in black and then put a thin line of rusty color or deep purple; nothing can make your eyes as flattering. The thin eyeliner trick will make your eyes more wide. Another eyeliner shade that you can choose is bronze.

Brown eyes:

You can add a shade of blue for your eyes that looks beautiful on your brown eyes. If you do not want something as stark, go for a navy blue eyeliner. These are great options for women who find black too harsh for their eye color and for their complexion.

Hazel eyes:

Brown, gold, bronze or olive shade will be the ideal option, if you have hazel eyes. The shades will add a sparkle in your eyes.

Though, with the above tips, you can choose an ideal color option for the eyeliner your eyes, you cannot ignore the quality of the eyeliner pencil as well. Most of the eyeliner products of nowadays, contain an ingredient known as gluten. It is a mixture of protein that is found in wheat and related grains. The ingredient can cause allergy and itching in your eyes. And to prevent all these, you can go for Gluten free eyeliners. There are several brands that provide the eyeliner that is free from gluten and made only with the natural extracts. Go through the online sites, do a little research about this, and avail a safe eyeliner pencil for your eyes.

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