Deep Fakes and The Future of Propaganda

Deep Fakes pose a massive threat to society and democracy, don’t get caught off guard

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash.

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Advances in new technologies and ML are cranking up the fraud factor

The accompanying writeup and paper can be found here.

Controlling information has never been as powerful and dangerous as today

At a length requirement of only one minute worth of training data, a lot of publicly available video footage becomes weaponizable.

The good news: Making fakes requires advanced hardware and a lot of time and money

In the field of forensics, there has always been some tension between the goal of scientific openness and ensuring that our techniques are not easily circumvented.

The worrying news: Advances in training data could dramatically reduce the resources needs of deep-faking

Digital forensics techniques struggle to keep up

Fingerprinting and Chain Of Custody is Critical For Media Organizations

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