Hate Thy Neighbor

Can we stop dividing and conquering ourselves?

Photo by cloudvisual on Unsplash
  • Reinvest some of those resources to alternate forms of public safety. Rapid response social workers for mental health issues and housing crises. Police for a robbery in progress.
  • Divest from purchasing military equipment for our police. The militarization of the police has created a tragic atmosphere of mistrust, fear, and enmity between the police and the people they are charged with protecting. A tiny fraction of police encounters actually require an assault rifle or shotgun, much less a freakin’ tank.
  • End private prisons and focus on decreasing recidivism. The prison industrial complex costs taxpayers an astronomical amount of money. It also creates a perverse incentive for the prisons to lock up as many people as possible and keep them coming back. A for-profit prison can stabilize revenue by ensuring that released prisoners return in a horrible and wasteful cycle of crime and punishment.
  • Reinvest those savings into the community. Good schools, beautiful parks, economic opportunities, and real hope for a better future are phenomenal crime prevention tools — let’s use them!

A curious human on a quest to watch the world learn. I teach computer programming and write about software’s overlap with society and politics. www.tebs-lab.com

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