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READ ABOUT DANCERS, a Blog series that aims to promote the beautiful and unique side of each dancer.
Part 1: Tunisian dancers.
Dancer 1: Bboy Zulu Rema.

I remember that day, it was sunny, I was walking too fast to catch the UK Champs North Africa qualifier in Café Ellouh, downtown Tunis. I got a mission during the event which was taking pictures and videos and share them on the events’ organizing NGOs’ social media -Art Solution-

I got my spot there that I thought perfect for taking pictures.

1, 2, 3…GO! The battle has started!

Bboys started vibing, showing their best moves following Dj bboy Gamra’s mixes.

And! Awch, my phone battery was about to die so I went downstairs to check if I can charge it somewhere and suddenly I’ve noticed something unusual!

A young boy getting ready to the battle who was fixing his legs.

In fact, this young BBOY has had his legs amputated.

Credit photo: Kaouther Hammami

It was POWERFUL! I really couldn’t get it at the first time until I saw him Breakdancing and that was such an inspiring moment. His eyes, his smile, the crowd…everything turned that moment into an epic one that was hopefully captured, please watch it by following the link bellow to Art Solution’s Facebook page: VIDEO .

One year after the UK Champs North Africa Qualifier, I remembered that bboy and I started getting curious about his story, how did he start dancing and why, what about the challenges he has faced and what’s the secret behind the passion he showed on the dance floor!

Here we go!

Q1: When and where have you started dancing?

Bboy Zulu Rema: It all started after my accident on 2002 when I have lost my legs.

I was doing nothing all the time and I couldn’t bear it so I decided to join a football team but it didn’t go well, in fact, I wasn’t really welcomed so I quit.

Then one day, one of my friends, whom I miss so much -RIP- , after watching me walking on my hands at home, suggested that I join the dance workshops of our city’s cultural center in Hamem Zriba.

I did but I faced rejection for the second time, so I quit.

Hopefully, my friend was really supportive, we didn’t give up, we’ve started our training journey at home, we’ve spent a really good time together, we were training and learning from each other and working so hard to improve our Breakdance skills, then, unfortunately he died and honestly, I stopped training as much as I used to when we were together.

Lesson number 1: Good friends are such a blessing as they help you overcome life’s challenges.

Lesson number 2: Never give up on your dreams when you face rejection.

Q2: What is the positive impact of B-boying on your life?

Bboy Z.R: It is mainly about helping me get more friends who believe in my passion and support me. It is a long road so I must be surrounded by good people who inspire me.

Q3: What about your family? Are they supporting you?

Bboy Z.R: Yes and that what makes me feel powerful as my family is so important to me.

Q4: What is your dancer dream?

Bboy Z.R: I wish to keep dancing and following my passion while perfecting my dance skills because I have a dream: winning one of the international B-boying competitions like the Red Bull BC One, the UK Champs…

Q5: Do you have any recommendations for the Hip Hop dance community in Tunisia?

Bboy Z.R: YES.

“Share your passion everywhere!”

I want to see more dancers sharing their passion whether it is about Hip Hop dance, music or graffiti art, EXPRESS YOURSELF, let people know more about what you do and the Hip Hop culture.

Lesson number 3: Family support is really important!

Get their support by showing them how powerful the Hip Hop culture is.

Lesson number 4: SHARE YOUR PASSION.

The end. NO! WAIT!

Before leaving, Bboy Zulu Rema wants to share his favorite track with you: jedi mind tricks — Design in Malice (feat. Young Zee)


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