What if we stop being judgmental?

I’d rather dance and write instead of talking!

And that’s so confusing in a world where everything is identified by words and names. Starting by yourself, to the things you like, to everything you do that will help people to understand you.

So if you do like history, you should know as many names as you can so that whenever you will get asked about any specific subject, you will be able to list those names easily, then if you do, you will be da boss, if you don’t, you will get judged!

But what if I can’t list names?!

In fact, I can feel history…! “Hahaha”…I am serious.

I’ve once heard someone talking about Carthage -Tunisia-, I was surprised and told him that I love Carthage so much, that I am in love with that era!

The guy then tried to check my historical knowledge level by asking me about some related dates and names, like when was it founded and how was its end… Then I wasn’t happy anymore.

Of course I was judged and it was embarrassing, I was 16 years old, 3 years before starting my self-discovery journey, so my inner self was blaming me.

If I could answer him right now, I would tell him that my love for Carthage revolves around feelings, as I walk through the monuments, I can feel those walls, those falling walls telling me how great was that civilization and how awful was its end.

Antonin Baths-Carthage-Tunisia

SAME STRUGGLE, DIFFERENT STORY: Japanese culture, animes, Manga drawings.

Here is the typical questions I get asked whenever I attend one of those events promoting the Japanese culture and try to socialize:

“Ohayo!! Omg! What are your favorite animes? Video games? Cosplayers?”

So if you want to be appreciated and join the community, you should be really quick at answering, listing many names. AGAIN!

The cuteness of its Sakura trees, the sexiness of those swords drawings, the Ninja outfit! THIS IS HOW I LOVE JAPANESE CULTURE!

Sharing things I love has always been a struggle for me… It’s not about how many names we know! Right?!

So! Shouldn’t we stop being judgmental and narrow minded towards creative people, weirdos or whatever… and the way they perceive things?

Yes, we should!

Let’s listen to them!!

If you‘ve experienced anything similar, let me know!