The WinPAD 2 and DroiPAD 10 Pro II are one of the hottest Tablets in the market right now and of course both are from Tecno, So lets talk about the difference and similarities between the The WinPAD 2 and DroiPAD 10 Pro II, more detail bellow.

Tecno Winpad 2 vs Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II — Difference and Similarities

Operating System: Firstly, one of the striking difference between this two tablets is the Operating Systems. DroiPAD 10 Pro II runs on the latest RemisOS 2.0, just so you know, the RemisOS was designed to perform the function of windows and android, It also means you can enjoy doing productive work on the go.

On the other hand the WinPAD 2 is a Windows tablet it runs on the latest windows 10 out of box — means you can do pretty much anything your laptop does for you

Tecno Winpad 2 vs Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II - Difference and Similarities


Tecno Winpad 2 vs Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II - Difference and Similarities


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Display: Both the DroiPAD and the DroiPAD 10 Pro II come with a 10.1 inch HD display.

 Both support up to 10-point multi-touch. Which is pretty sweet for apps that require a lot of work for example when drawing, or when using a Piano app, etc.

Keyboard: They both come with an external easily-attached keyboard. You connect the keyboard and they become your portable laptops. You detach the keyboard and it becomes your easy-to-carry tablet.

Hardware: The WinPAD 2 features an Intel ATOM X5 1.92GHz 64bit Quad Core Processor while the DroiPAD 10 Pro II features an MTK 1.3GHz QuadCore Processor. Both have 2GB RAM. The DroiPAD has 32GB internal storage while the WinPAD has 64GB.

Cameras: Both features the front and back cameras. since i am yet to use one, i cant particularly their qualities. Especially the front cameras which are 2MP. Generally, tablets are not known for having spectacular cameras. Nonetheless the two devices come with 5MP back cameras.

Network: The WinPAD 2 and DroiPAD 10 Pro II support SIM cards. Also you can enjoy 4G/LTE on both Which is a good addition for people who don’t have constant Wi-Fi as you can comfortably use your device on the go without internet disruption.

Battery: Both devices packs a powerful 7000mAh battery — this guarantees for enough battery juice which would last for more than one day on a heavy usage

Soo….Which one would you prefer?

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