TechBBQ, Denmark’s Largest Startup Summit to be held in Copenhagen on September 5th and 6th

Denmark’s biggest startup-, and tech-summit TechBBQ is back! TechBBQ will be running on September 5th and 6th in Øksnehallen in the heart of Copenhagen.

The team behind TechBBQ is run by CxO Avnit Singh. He was kind enough to answer a Q&A about what TechBBQ and the Danish startup-scene has to offer the world.

In short, what is TechBBQ?

“TechBBQ is the biggest summit in Denmark for the startup- and tech-scene. We make a big deal out of not calling ourselves an event, but a summit. The reason is that what we want to create a space where people from the startup scene can meet and share ideas. There is so much talent in the Danish scene and we want to give people the chance to meet their next technology, investor, co-founder, employer or employee.

How did TechBBQ start?

It started out in 2012 with some local entrepreneurs, who thought they had a need to build a place where they could meet and share their ideas, year after year. The first edition of TechBBQ was held the following year. It was exactly what it sounded like — a barbecue in the King’s Gardens in Copenhagen, where people in the local startup community could share their ideas and experiences.

Avnit Singh, CxO at TechBBQ

So how did you grow from that to filling the Opera House last year?

The amazing thing about TechBBQ is that it really tapped into a clear demand in the local startup-scene. We have so much brain power in Denmark and so many people with an appetite to create something original out of nothing. That inspired us to push our ambitions even further for TechBBQ. Our growth has been almost exponential. In 2014 we hosted TechBBQ in the Copenhagen Stock Exchange with around 600 guests. In 2015 we moved to the Royal Opera House where attendance increased to a thousand people. The year after in 2016 it increased yet again to 2500 guests. This year everything points to us outgrowing ourselves again, which have made us sign with the venue Øksnehallen, increasing our capacity to 3000 people.

Why should international investors come to TechBBQ?

Apart from having an extremely diverse and creative startup-scene, Denmark has a long history of being one of the best countries in the world to do business in. On top of that, we are currently ranked 3rd in Europe by the GEDI-Index, which measures which countries are the best in the world to develop your startup in. Also, we have one of the highest rates of human capital in the world and flat hierarchies. Oh, and Copenhagen has one of the most diverse startup-scenes in the world, of course.”

If you want to learn more about TechBBQ and the programme you can visit, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter and get the latest development.

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