TechBench: what benefits does the project bring to an investor?

Many people today understand, that the most promising is to invest in start-ups, which will multiply the initial investment by several times not in decades, but already in the foreseeable future. For this reason, the ICO and blockchain projects topic is very relevant. But how can one be sure to sort out his “lucky ticket” for a better life?

The answer should be found at the junction of the cryptocurrency and something even more global, demanded everywhere, and dynamically developing. The answer is as always obvious — it’s freelancing and outsourcing. This work format is very profitable today, as it allows employers to find professionals from all around the world, while specialists are not limited to their own settlement.

But the market of freelance services has a lot of problems, which make the work here less convenient. The perfect solution is offered by TechBench — a qualitative new project, which is inherently integrating the blockchain system and the cryptocurrency into the market of remote work and services.

It is important, that cooperation with this project guarantees a stable income and permanent work in the future, and allows you to earn already now, participating in the bounty campaign. For early investors, the team offers a profitability of 50% per month + bonuses — there is hardly a bank promising you a yield with such a rate.

New model for the remote work

The distinctive feature of TechBench is that it’s a social platform, uniting investors and freelancers-developers. Due to it, it’s easier to find specialists, who can be involved in the implementation of a particular development. Using the blockchain, the start-up team intends to completely change the model of interaction between the sides (customer-performer) in the field of remote work, reducing risks and increasing profits for all participants.

One of the advantages of the project is its business model. TechBench provides the following options for earning money:

  • from the investors — a commission in the form of a fixed interest. It’s taken from the amount of funds, used for financing the developments;
  • from the business — at the subscription expense, having a fixed price for one month and a year. The platform also receives a profit by providing the possibility of using business recruiting solutions. After all, business customers are getting access to a database of specialists;
  • from the developers — the creation of a paid premium account. It allows the user to work simultaneously with a large number of projects. A free account has no such function.

The platform use has the following advantages:

  • it unites investors and developers, creating the basis to obtain funding;
  • the exclusion from the “customer-performer” interaction any intermediaries;
  • developers get an opportunity to make a broad portfolio presentation for investors;
  • a social network for communication of IT-specialists;
  • the service is absolutely free for developers, and for employers there is a flexible reduction index of 3%;
  • protection of the employer’s funds is done through smart contracts;
  • possibility for developers to get a share in the finished product.

Investors get the opportunity to invest safely in promising and highly profitable developments, and specialists quickly and without intermediaries receive profitable orders. In addition, the team offers potential investors an advantageous Bounty program, which requires a more detailed description.

Advantages for an early investor.

TechBench intends to issue its TBCH tokens twice (1 TBCH = 0.001 ETH). At the Pre-ICO stage (started on September 1) 5.100.000 TBCH (equivalent to 5 100 ETH) was put up for sale, which is 10% of the total amount of the system’s cryptocurrency. At this stage, early investors can expect to receive a 50% bonus.

This proposal is almost the most profitable in the market. Especially, compared to other investment methods. For example, opening a deposit in banks of different countries, the rate will be only 2–12%. And here it’s as much as 50%, and within just one and a half months. Pre-ICO will last either 50 days, or until the required amount is collected.

At the ICO, which will be held in November-December 2017, 75% of the tokens will be issued, which is 51,000,000 TBCH (equivalent to 51,000 ETH). There will no longer be bonuses for depositors.

Evidently, investing in the project at the Pre-ICO stage is 50% more profitable, than at the ICO. And considering the fact, that the Pre-ICO is already approaching its finale, the time for making a decision is getting shorter.

How the tokens will be distributed

All the tokens generated by the system will be distributed by the team as follows:

  • 5.100.000 TBCH (10%) — available for purchase at the Pre-ICO;
  • 51.000.000 TBCH (75) — will be available at the ICO;
  • 8.400.000 TBCH (14%) — will distribute among team’s developers;
  • 600.000 TBCH (1%) — left for the Bounty program.

The launch of the Bounty program starts in the near future. It will look like this:

  • 33.5% (200.000 TBCH) — blogging, writing articles, posts;
  • 33.5% (200.000 TBCH) — various bounty pools;
  • 16.5% (100.000 TBCH) — Bitcointalk;
  • 16.5% (100.000 TBCH) — social networks promotion.

Reaching a conclusion

TechBench is a very promising investment project. After all, it’s solving the main problems of outsourcing industry, which continues to grow rapidly, gaining the demand and liquidity to the system’s token. Anyone can become an investor and improve his welfare by financing an interesting development. The beneficial Bounty program and bonuses at the Pre-ICO stage turns it profitable at the very beginning of cooperation.

Are there any doubters left? The time period to buy tokens is getting shorter each day — jump at a chance!

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