How to Wake up at 5AM and Build Your Startup
Min Park

Enjoyed this article (thanks). I’ve been slowly working towards a 5:00 AM wake up time to be a bit productive before my ‘day job’. It ain’t natural getting up that early and I’m not quite there yet (more like 5:45 AM), but found that the following things have helped me slough off that early morning inertia that wants to keep you tied to a warm comfortable bed. 1) Use a smart LED bulb and program a ‘wake up’ time to slowly raise the light level. I have a Misfit Bolt bulb, but others like Phillips Hue and Lifx do the same. 2) Gargle strong mouthwash. I do this immediately after a full glass of water and it helps rinse out the lingering doldrums. 3) Walk the dog. If you build an early routine, you both expect and are motivated to get up, dressed, and ‘take care of business’ before worrying about any accidents. You’ll be surprised how a little anxiety when you wake up will get you moving to avoid embarrassment and that ‘clean up in Aisle 5.’

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