What is Social Media Detoxification? Reasons to do it right away

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Detox Social Media — (Presentation by TechEngage)

The existence of technology was meant to serve us but let us ask ourselves; have social media became a hindrance to our social lives? If Facebook or Twitter disappeared forever, are we going to end up feeling depressed? When was the last time you checked social media? These questions are somewhat left with a cliffhanger. You might think that social media is beneficial but at the same time the hindrance in our lives. Social media has played a vital role in society and in digital marketing. Once you enter into social media, you end up spending endless hours looking at posts and pictures.

So what actually makes you want to be popular on social media? There is actually a neurotransmitter called dopamine that plays a significant role here. Dopamine allows a person to feel motivated and makes them want to do something with a reward-seeking mindset. You tend to want to be more popular on social media channels. It seems like people are addicted to devices when in fact it is social media that one gets addicted to.

Social media benefits the companies do not use social media as it acts as a means for promoting their brand, product or service. According to a recent survey, 3.1 billion people are using social media worldwide. This number has increased up to 13% in the past year. Further, social media bots are creating fears in public.

An average person spends 1 hour and 40 minutes per day on social media. When people use social media, they get hooked to it and at the same time get annoyed. It can be harmful to our health. It is very upsetting that getting hooked to social media has become a norm in society.

Social media as a false reality

People with huge following and friends on Instagram and Facebook want to seek social validation. The question is, are they actually in contact with all of those people or can they count on all of those people? This is the false reality that I am talking about.

Everything you see or read on social media makes you make false assumptions as not all people posts portray how they really feel.

Social media fuels narcissism

Once you post the picture of yourself on Facebook, you seek for its validation in the number of likes or comments you get. In the case of Twitter, getting retweets and followers gives a boost to your self-esteem. Not getting enough likes or heart reacts can ruin your day. It brings out your competitive side which, here in this context, can play a negative role. You start comparing yourself with your friends and other followers which makes you feel insecure about yourself. This is toxic.

Social media makes your life a public affair

At the same time, there has been an increase in the amount of bullying on social media. People who seek social validation online tend to be the ones that are most affected by bullying. One rude comment or insulting message could make such people feel under-confident about themselves.

Social media wastes your time

People are becoming ignorant of doing other hobbies like reading, painting or cycling. Checking out their social media posts as a part of the hobby and on weekends has become a norm these days. Pretty sad, right?

Social media damages your health

People do not get enough sleep as social media is acting as a distraction even during their bedtime. Users have problems with their eating habits due to unrealistic images like a photoshopped model on Instagram. Not realizing that these models are paid to do so, people start to idolize them. Worst case scenario, this makes them anorexic.

Getting a Social Media Detox

So, let’s give our lives a Social Media Detox.

Deactivate your accounts

Uninstall social media apps

Block all social media sites

Replace the time you used to spend on social media with a more enjoyable activity

Why wasting your time on social media when you can spend it in a much more productive way? Pick a more useful hobby like reading, cooking or playing your favorite sport. These hobbies would not waste your time, and you will enjoy this change once you get rid of social media.

Other Alternatives

Avoid using social media at night

Studies stated that these short-term detoxification lasts up to 100 days or three months to return the level of dopamine back to normal. Detoxification of social media may seem strange at first, but once you deactivate social media, then your lifestyle would change. If you are a busy person, then it might take longer to leave social media.

Are you ready to detox social media?

All in all, people need to balance their lives with the usage of social media. People hardly realize how negatively social media affects a person’s well-being. If you look back in the past, there was obviously no concept of social media, and there was indeed an interaction between people. Life was fun even without social media back then!

In this modern century, the interaction with people, in reality, has become limited and people are becoming more isolated. It further reduces the quality time you spend with your family and would face difficulties in delivering your outcome in your professional lives. Social media can have some severe consequences on your health, character and even the way you interact.

The best way out is to just shut down all your social media accounts and learn to be happy. Another alternative is to find an activity that interests you and could keep you distant from social media.

Give yourself a break and try some time off social media.

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