Manoush Zomorodi and Douglas Rushkoff to Appear on Funny as Tech July 17th in NYC

Our relationship with technology is messy, to say the least. Funny as Tech is a monthly live show (taped for podcast) in NYC that takes a deep-dive into our absurd present and uncertain future with a focus on how social media tech is impacting us — often to the point of being ridiculous. Luckily, Funny as Tech will have special guest Manoush Zomorodi (WNYC’s Note to Self) and Douglas Rushkoff (bestselling author/media theorist) to make sense of it all.

Each month experts and comedians join co-hosts David Ryan Polgar (Tech Ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (comedian) to provide a freewheeling conversation around social media, tech etiquette, AI, self-driving cars, the power of algorithms, privacy in the digital age, and the latest trend du jour.

It’s comedy and conversation for our brave new world.

The next Funny as Tech takes place from 8–9 pm at The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT; Striker Stage) on Monday, July 17th. You can reserve you spot here: Although Funny as Tech just started in June, it has already received some media buzz. Find out what all the commotion is about…

“This new New York-based podcast is a mixture of deep thoughts and belly laughs as writer and technology ethicist David Ryan Polgar shoots the breeze with comedian Joe Leonardo who is a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (comedy nerds will be impressed).”-The Irish Times
“Above all, both men want their show to be funny. And given the slew of scandals, failures and ‘solutionification’ in Silicon Valley and further afield in tech, they aren’t short of material.”-Red Herring

Meet the special guests for July 17th:

Manoush Zomorodi. Photo by Amy Pearl

Manoush Zomorodi hosts Note to Self, the podcast about how technology is changing our brains, lives, and society, from WNYC Studios. Her book exploring how boredom can ignite original thinking, Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self (St. Martin’s Press) comes out 2017 (but you can preorder now).

Every week on Note to Self, she searches for answers to life’s digital quandaries through experiments and conversations with listeners and experts. Manoush has won numerous awards for her work including four from the New York Press Club. In 2014, the Alliance for Women in Media named her Outstanding Host. You can connect with her at @manoushz

Douglas Rushkoff. Photo by Seth Kushner

Douglas Rushkoff is a writer, documentarian, and lecturer whose work focuses on human autonomy in a digital age. He is the author of fifteen bestselling books on media, technology, and society, including Program or Be Programmed, Present Shock, and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. He has made such award-winning PBS Frontline documentaries as Generation Like, Merchants of Cool, and The Persuaders, and is the author of graphic novels including Testament and Aleister & Adolf.

Named one of the world’s ten most influential intellectuals by MIT, he is responsible for originating such concepts as “viral media,” “social currency,” and “digital natives.” Today, Dr. Rushkoff serves as Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY/Queens, where he recently founded the Laboratory for Digital Humanism and hosts its TeamHuman podcast.


Some people are the future of comedy. These guys are the futurist comedy.

David Ryan Polgar, co-host of Funny as Tech

David Ryan Polgar is a frequent speaker (3-time TEDx, The School of the New York Times), tech commentator (SiriusXM,,, HuffPost), and contributing writer for Big Think, Quartz, and IBM Think Leaders. He is currently focused on whether we are becoming “botified” online, along with the ethical concerns facing emerging tech. Polgar co-founded the global Digital Citizenship Summit and currently works with the virtual world startup Friendbase. As a Tech Ethicist, he explores our evolving relationship with tech from an ethical, legal, and emotional perspective.

Joe Leonardo, co-host of Funny as Tech

Joe Leonardo is a comedian, improviser and writer who has been featured on ESPN, Travel Channel, NPR, Anderson Cooper LIVE, Cafe, and Prank Academy to name a few. He is currently a house team performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and co-host of their WednesdayNight Improv Jam. Joe is also the creator/host of The Flying Blind Sketch Show, which plays bi-monthly at The People’s Improv Theater and is one of the founders of Sea Tea Improv.

Funny as Tech, a monthly live show/podcast exploring our messy relationship with tech


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After July 17, the next Funny as Tech will take place on Monday, August 21. Would you like to get involved or have an idea? Please reach out