Telstra Sharing your WiFi for you with Telstra Air

Let me say that Telstra may or may not be sharing your WiFi yet however they recently updated your home Telstra Modem so this is possible and possibly coming.

Story goes I opened my “Advanced” options on my Telstra home modem the other day and discovered that it had new firmware and a nice little Telstra Air options. See picture below

This option has been around a little while now. Probably before the announcement of Telstra Air Product.

Fun speculation

Just for fun lets say all of these “Telstra Air” options get turned on and every Telstra Broadband customers Broadband gets shared. This is a bonus to mobile users if they do pay that additional 10 a month. But to the Modem hosting this Telstra air is a bit of a pain in two ways being Bandwidth and Power.


The additional power expense of providing. Understanding this would only be a couple additional to few watts per hour. However Power is expensive in Australia.


On ADSL your bandwidth can be average in certain homes depending how old the copper is in the phone lines and distance to the exchange and traffic.


I can see this making sense with NBN/Fibre because if you are on 25mbps NBN then Telstra could be using the additional bandwidth up there sleeves to provide Telstra Air. However on standard ADSL you are already pretty limited by today’s standards.

That being said where is the incentive to the customer with the modem? Opt in and you get an extra 100 gig a month?

I’m betting it will be opt Out and no one will even know that they are sharing there modem/power/phone line.

So please Telstra let your customers know what is going on when this is implemented 😀

So Pros and Cons of sharing your home internet

Pro Uh sharing is caring?

Cons You loose some speed for your internet, the customer using Telstra Air pays $10 dollars a month that adds onto their broadband bill at home.

Thank You for reading.

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Originally published at on October 11, 2015.

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