Pooja Shah
Nov 7 · 1 min read

PS. About getting the opportunity to grow inside the workplace:
Putting things in perspective, we should be willing to put those extra hours to realise our goals. Neither blaming an organisation would help. Companies invest in helping their workforce learn new skills, however, it would not be at the cost of their productivity. It is important for the individual to balance the work while improving their skillset.

“You got to run after your dreams, don’t just
walk to them. Your dreams will only be reached when
You put more effort into action than you do into rest.”

Seek the opportunities to learn at work with other people at work, collaborate, teach what you know and request others to teach what they know. At my workplace, we do the same. Repeat more at home in peace and then go back, implement at work and share the good news with all. A company/team culture would love to help you grow in that direction because you are also helping them optimise the existing work.

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