Apple Released a New Product Before the Conference!

Apple’s product update was launched on the official website almost every day during the week before the conference on March 25. After the release of new products such as iPad Air, iPad mini, iMac, AirPods, etc., a series of new spring colors, including Apple Watch strap, iPhone case, iPad cover, etc., were replaced with warm new clothes.

Let’s first take a look at the Apple Watch new color strap. This updated collection includes sports straps and bezels, leather buckle straps and bracelets, as well as Nike and Hermès straps.

The sporty strap has a blue color with a blue color and a papaya color. The sporty watch ring has the same color as papaya and spearmint green, as well as azure and lilac.

The Nike sports watch comes in three new colors, including black with super grape purple, light cyan with tropical green, haze grey with ancient moss ash; Nike sports watch ring also has super grape purple, light cyan and fog ash, in addition, There are snow peaks white and black.

The leather fashion buckle strap has new colors of cornflower blue, sunset red and lilac; the leather ring has cornflower blue and sunset red.

Hermès strap new colors include rose sakura and chalk white with clay leather, linen blue with chalk white with northern blue leather, and taupe. In addition to the strap, the new “gradual” surface with spring new colors will be launched for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Hermès, which is expected to be released after watchOS 5.2.

The spring new color straps can be ordered on the official website from now on, and will be sold at Apple outlets and authorized dealers before the end of this month.

In addition, Apple’s iPhone case and iPad cover have also produced a variety of new spring colors.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Apple’s new “Smart Battery Case” designed for the iPhone XS is compatible with the Qi-certified charger, which extends the battery life of the phone and displays the smart battery status through the iPhone lock screen and notification center. The price is NT$4,290 and the date of sale is undecided.

Apple’s frequent actions before the press conference may be to warm up and raise awareness. It’s also awaiting the wonderful “good play” that Apple’s presentation will be on.