Happy New Year — “Self-Driving Truck” & “360 Degree Camera” Are Rising Stars in 2018

First, “Happy New Year” to all of our readers. It was a great year 2017. We experienced lots of tech events and played with variety of tech inventions. It really was a great breakthrough year for lots of technologies in so many ways. And … now… we are finally and officially stepped into the year 2018. What should we be expecting in year 2018? Well… “A LOT OF STUFF” … if you think year 2017 was crazy regarding to the technology breakthroughs (including the super insane ride of the Bitcoin price), you won’t be disappointed for the year 2018 to come. This year will just broaden your horizon in so many aspects. If you have some exceptions, please just lift your exceptions to another level because … the greatest year is just ahead of us.

Before we begin to talk about the “Self-Driving Truck” and “360 Degree Camera”, you can take a look at the article, “10 Breakthrough Technologies
2017” from MIT Technology Review

The Self-Driving Vehicle Took Over

As we just posted (“Mainstream Tech In 2017”) yesterday, “Self-Driving” cars are among the best innovations in 2017. Not only that, but it also took charge in the market that has been reined by traditional car makers for … well… forever. “Car” is NOT just a transportation (or you can say tool) for consumers anymore. It’s a gadget. That’s right … a car valued from around $40k to couple hundred thousand dollars is a “GADGET”. Also… it’s a beloved gadget attached with a beloved brand, “TESLA”. Who would have predicted this to happen? In fact, no body. Everyone was watching and anticipating Tesla to fail. Well… not only they didn’t fall into the trap, but they built an Apple-like (iPhone-like) brand around the globe which gives them the ability to charge the premium for each and every single vehicle they sell.

Self-Driving Cars? Well… The Biggest Impact is On Self-Driving Trucks

If you haven’t heard of it, Telsa revealed its self-driving truck lineup in mid-November last year (2017) which is about 1.5 months ago. “TESLA SEMI” — The fully electric Tesla Semi, powered by a massive battery and capable of hauling 80,000 pounds, it can ramble 500 miles between charges. After Tesla revealed “SEMI”, they received preorders right away even before they decided the price tag for the “Semi Truck”. Also… companies needed to put $50K deposit for each Semi truck they preordered. Well… how the Telsa brand is well embraced not only among consumers but also among all the businesses around the globe can be seen here…

1) Walmart — Shortly after the release of the truck, Walmart said it preordered 15 vehicles as part of a pilot test in the U.S. and Canada.
 2) Anheuser Busch — 40 semis trucks

Then … the preorders rolled in like crazy…

3) PepsiCo — 100 semis.
 4) Sysco — 50 semis.
 5) J.B. Hunt — 40 semis.
 6) Meijer — 4 semis.
 7) JK Moving — 4 semis.
 8) Loblaw — 25 semis.
 9) Fercam — 1 semi.
 10) Girteka Logistics — 1 semi.
 11) Ryder — not disclosed.
 12) DHL Supply Chain — 10 semis.
 13) Fortigo Freight Services — 1 semi.
 14) Flexport.com — 1 semi.
 15) Best Transportation — 1 semi.
 16) Mecca & Son Trucking — 1 semi.
 17) UPS — 125 semis.
 18) Asko — 10 semis.

That’s a lot of semi preorders before the 2019 projected production starting year… and … even before Telsa unveiled the pricing for its Semi Truck. (e.g., Anheuser Busch put $2M into the preorder shortly after the Semi announcement).

Later on Tesla gave the (estimated) price range for the Semis. As you can see that the range is from $150,000 to $180,000. Also, there is another sereies which is the “Founders Series” that will cost about $200K per Founders Series Semi Truck.

360 Degree Camera is The Coolest Kid in the Playground

In 2017, the 360 Degree camera rose to the top in the entertaining field (now is still sort of amateur stage but pretty soon it might become something that professionals will get into utilize and produce something which will disrupt the market).

Just spend one minute to think about how human beings preserve the memories through the history. First… of course, it’s in our memories (brains/minds). Then… the film (picture) tech came along. After that, video shown up. Now… not only you can watch your memories in 2D view but in a super crispy 3D vision through 360 degree cameras. It’s not cool… it’s insanely cool.

Think about it that you don’t need to flip your camera around to take objects that you would like to include in the film but also, you are able to get the vicinity included. You are able to show the world what you saw/felt through the 360 degree films and put all the audiences into the same spot to experience what you experienced. That’s SOMETHING. And usually the “SOMETHING” is the “FUTURE”.

5 Best & Affordable 360 Degree Cameras

1) Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High Resolution VR Camera (US Version with Warranty)

- $69.97 (save $280.02)

2) 360fly 360° HD Video Camera

- $84.99

3) 360 Camera with Dual Wide Angle Fisheye Lens, RIVIO R360 VR 3D Panoramic Point and Shoot Digital Video Cameras, HD Mini Wireless Recorder ( Without Memory Card )

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4) Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Camera VR 3D Panoramic Point and Shoot Digital Video Cameras 3K HD Dual Wide Angle Fisheye Lens for iPhone 7, 7 Plus and all iPhone 6 series, 360 Live on Facebook- Pearl White

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5) Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition) Real 360° 4K VR Camera (US Version with Warranty)

- $157.99 (save $72.00)

Originally published at techinwire.com on January 1, 2018.