iPhone 8 show up today — video unveils the next generation iPhone

There have been hundreds of iPhone 8 rumors since iPhone 7 launched this year but there hasn’t been one this close to the truth. Today, an iPhone 8 dummy video is circulating on the web showing how Apple’s Galaxy S8 killer is going to be.

[Update: it seems like this video has been taken down after couple hours of circulating on the web. It even adds more credibility on this source. ]


Fingerprint Sensor Built-in Screen

It looks like we Apple found a way to integrate the fingerprint sensor on the touchscreen after all. This is a huge step forward since they are going to be the first smartphone manufacturer figuring out and mass-producing devices. That’s right, Sammy couldn’t solve this puzzle so they put the fingerprint sensor on the back next to the camera and this has been getting lots of criticisms since misplacing your fingers on the camera lenses (smudging and smearing your fingertip over the lens) messed up your photography A LOT.

Bezel-less OLED Display

Yes, there is no curve on the edge of the screen (to be honest, it’s not that much of use and not really practical after we used S7 edge and S8) and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Again, if this is a real next generation iPhone that Apple is going to release this coming September, for sure we are going to upgrade our phones. Besides, Apple seems to be committed to get the OLED display on iPhone 8; therefore, the gap of display superiority between Apple and Samsung galaxy S series phones will be cut to almost 0. That is another reason that android users will be seeking to get hands on this coming generation iPhone.

Wireless charging

The wireless charging technology has been around for a while, at least, on galaxy S series smartphones. Finally, Apple might decide to bring it to its new iPhone lineups. Highly possible that Apple will just integrate the existing wireless charging technology on the iPhone 8 instead of getting some fancy new features (like charging across a room) as some rumors mentioned. Nevertheless this is still a huge update for a lot of Apple fans since everything is just going to be simpler and more elegantly organized around us (no more cords piling up everywhere anymore).


Even though we still cannot confirm if this will be the final design for the iPhone 8 but taking all the renders and rumors into account and the usual release date of the iPhone in the past, we might as well start saving money for the most exciting iPhone ever again.

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