Portable Google Home? Meet TicHome Mini

The Home AI speaker market is a very interesting space for every company. Some are making their own moves (their own AI assistants and devices), some are partnering up with existing players. For instance, TP-LINK partners with Amazon to bring its branded home AI speakers to the market. Yes, it’s using Alexa. Surprisingly that the selling price is even lower than Amazon’s echo dot. Also, Amazon and Microsoft teamed together on this turf too. Later this year, Amazon Echo devices owners will be able to say “Alexa, open Cortana” to access Microsoft’s voice-controlled ai assistant. Vice versa … you will be able to say “Cortana, open Alexa” via a Cortana enabled device.

Amazon Is Dominating But Google Is Rising

Again, Amazon has the first mover advantage over Google; however, Google is catching up very very very fast. Amazon has its mini version Echo device which is echo dot. Amazon also provides a portable version of it which is called “Echo Tap”. Although Google hasn’t had any answers on the market yet, rumors say that the mini version of the Google Home is in the making and will be announced and released later this year. And, do you know that Google also partner up with other company to make its widely popular AI assistant accessible to everyone from every device (in the future) aggressively? As the title said that “Meet TicHome Mini” — the combination of Amazon Echo Dot & Echo Tap.


TicHome Mini

TicHome Mini is made by a Chinese AI company, Mobvoi (google made an investment in 2015 on Mobvoi’s Series C), and it will be sold under $100 later this year.

TicHome Mini is battery powered. Also it’s IPX6 rating certified (spill-proof, shower-proof and pool-proof). You can take it anywhere and enjoy the company of the Google Assistant. Just think it as a mini version of the Google Home that you can activate it by saying “OK, Google”. You can ask any questions and it will plough through the massive Google database to grab answers for you at the beach, during the shower, in the hotel room, or even at the park attending a birthday party.

The walled garden Home AI assistants might be over soon since big players are making strategic moves opening up their gates to welcome other players (big to small) into their living rooms. Sure, consumers still cannot access Amazon Prime Videos library via Chromecast or Google Assistant. By the same token that users still cannot command Alexa to play Youtube videos/audios. However, this type of bumps might be over soon since as Amazon’s founder & CEO, Jeff Bezos, said in an interview at one of Amazon’s Seattle high-rises last Friday, “I want them (consumers) to have access to as many of those A.I.s as possible.” Just like Alexa and Cortana integration indicates that you will be able to access skills which might not be available on one platform from another platform without needing to purchase another home ai speaker to do so. The world will be a better place if one AI assistant can talk to another AI assistant and get all the tasks done. It will be like the real world. The best assistant is the assistant who frequently talks to other top tier assistants and get all stuff done beautifully and elegantly.

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Originally published at techinwire.com on August 30, 2017.