The Future of the Smartphone on your wrist — Looks great but not practical

Everyone who wants to have a smartphone has a smartphone already (at least in the US market) — this is the goal of Steven Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc. Since smartphone technology is in the mature stage, the next question is “what will it morph into?” Lots of companies including startups have been working on this for a while now. All of the ideas or even prototypes look great and promising but not really practical. The infamous “Cicret Bracelet” is one of them. It looks great and promising but, leave their inability to deliver aside, it’s just not practical.


You will never get the resolution to a degree that it can compete with the OLED display or even the LCD display. The primary consuming content today for the mainstream users of smartphones is videos and pictures. Think of that for a second … if the content you are viewing is always a bit blurry with washed out colors, will you be using it? Needless to say you will need to pay a fortune on this product if you choose to put yourself in the spot.


It looks like we still need to have all those so called future smartphones paired with the current smartphones in order to deliver the content and functionalities. Therefore, you basically still need to carry your phone with you in order to let this type of devices work their magics. Think of some useful case scenarios … well… not so many really… since most smartphones are already Waterproof or Water-resistant (IP67 or IP68), you don’t really need to worry about that much if you wanna really enjoy a quick video in the bathroom (not recommended). Also, if you want to check a quick message, there is a product called smartwatch which can do so much more including video chatting (some smartwatches can do this or some add-ons can let Apple Watch do this as well. The next generation Apple Watch is expected to have this feature by default). So … if you still need to carry a phone and perform most of the tasks by using your phone directly … why should you have this so called “future smartphone”?


Just try to type on your arm to see how awkward that is. This isn’t just a basic need for business users but for everyone as well. Especially in today’s messaging app economy world, typing comfortably and quickly is the key to success. We have no doubt that this type of devices will come up with some brilliant workarounds to solve this issue but before they do that, they need to, at least, penetrate the market first. And so far, they aren’t able to do so.

So … what’s the future of the smartphone

The stuff we all see from the sci-fi movies will become reality. The closest one today is the Microsoft Hologram type of products. However, it will become smaller and not require users to wear the chunky HoloLens type of glasses in order to interact and access applications. In fact, it might as well be just like the Cicret Bracelet presents in the above video. A little trinket or bracelet and it will somehow project applications into the air in front of us. After that, the trinket or bracelet will be able to track our body movement (including our hands movement) to be able to communicate with the applications. Of course, no additional smartphone needed. Everything should be equipped inside of the trinket or bracelet. That should be the future of the smartphone.