This Smart Light Bulb Let’s You Listen To Music Too

Wanna know the “Smartest Light Bulb” of all in the market so far? Take a look at this Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb. It not only can let you control it use your voice command (without any hubs being a middle man) but also can play music (producing sounds) right on the bulb itself. THAT IS RIGHT. Playing music by itself. The Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb has built-in stereo speakers. This is the first light bulb in the world having this sort of capability. One light bulb gives you the light you need when you wanna read books plus you can listen to music at the same time without any other extra equipment required.

Voice Control On/Off via Alexa (Without needing any hubs in the middle)

Unlike most of the smart light bulbs, you usually need a hub to be a middle man to send signals to control those so called “smart (but not so smart) light bulbs”. This Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb does NOT require any of that. You can directly set it up with Alexa and sending commands from Alexa to the light bulbs directly. On/Off and Dimming all can be handled by our most beloved home ai assistant — Alexa.

The World’s First Energy-Efficient LED Light Bulb with Built-in Stereo Speakers

Dual 1.07-inch high-fidelity JBL speakers with left-right stereo sound effect.

We write about that every company is a technology company nowadays (you can take a look at this article here), this light bulb further proved our point. A light bulbs manufacturer is being put into a traditional industry field; however, the smart devices (IoT) along with creative personnels changed the equation of the variables between tech industry and traditional industry. Who could imagine that one day a light bulb can be equipped with speakers? Well… do you know that there is a shower-head with a bluetooth speaker built-in on the market too?

After you install and set up your Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb, you can play music, adjust volume and set dim brightness directly by any iOS or android devices having the access to the bulb. In what occasion that you will use this sound producing ability? Well… every occasion that you can think of. We are at a point that we can eliminate a lot of devices (or stuff in general) from our home. Instead… just having those smart light bulbs to play all the roles. For instance, if you are not that picky (if you would like to have the music studio sound quality… it’s gonna be another story), you can get rid of all your speakers in your place. When you get back home, you can play music through Alexa (read audible books too), or you can have your light bulbs play music for your everywhere as long as you have those bulbs around.

Sky Is The Only Limit

So … what’s next for the smart lighting? Who knows? We only know that lighting cannot be replaced by any means. What this meant is that unless you find a spot on the planet earth that you can access sunlight all day long (plus you won’t need inside the buildings too), light bulbs will be always appealing to you.

As technology advancing, we might see light bulbs having the capability of projecting media content. If so, we might not need TV any more

… well… we are just brainstorming… and … this is unlikely to be true in the near future. Even if smart lighting is able to pack projector feature right in it, the resolution of the projecting content isn’t going to be good enough for most of the main stream consumers … but … again … who knows… maybe by the time, the projector technology might reach to a point which the resolution is good enough or even better than the TV screen resolution… blah blah blah… just a thought ^_^

Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual Channel JBL Speakers,Smart Music Light App Controlled,3 Years Protection

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Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Light Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual Channel JBL Speakers (4 Pack)

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Originally published at on October 21, 2017.