How is Interning at King: 7 Interns Speak

By James Glass

At King, we have many interns who are learning all about our amazing Kingdom but more importantly who are building an exciting career with us. Below are just some experiences of the many interns we have throughout our worldwide offices.

Lisa-bel — Technical Artist Intern

How did you apply or hear about the job role you are in? (LinkedIn or blog etc?) What was the application process like?
Actually, my friend and colleague at school, whose name is ironically also Lisa, forced me to apply. I was buried in my work, and here comes Lisa, adding more deadlines to my pile. However, she actually saved my life. It was very random and ended up becoming the best thing to happen to me all year. The application process went over really smoothly, I barely had to do anything. King is really well organised.

What advice would you give to someone applying for an internship/role at King?
Be yourself, everyone here seems to be.

Aside from your day job/project, what else do you enjoy most about working at King?
I feel like I work in a fairy tale. I love it. It’s very tempting sometimes to just walk around. There is a music room! A music room!

Alfred — Javascript Full Stack Developer Intern

How was the interview process?
First a couple of online interviews and some small code tests. For the last interviews, King flew me to London, for free! It was amazing to see the office and speak to people face to face.

What is a typical day like at King for you?
I start my day at the office gym at 8am and after my workout, I walk to the 4th floor. There I am met with a beautiful breakfast. When the avocado toast, orange juice and smoothie is in my system the day starts. I program most of the time but often there is some meeting, which could be a catch up with my manager or learning about something at King.

What are your long terms goals at King?
I want to everyone at King to have access to the data they need at any time.

If you had to had to describe King to a potential new employee what would you say?
Open and fun.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years at King?
Being a 10x better programmer.

What advice would you give to someone applying for an internship/role at King?
Culture is really important at King. So skip the arrogance!

Libby — Communications Intern

How was the interview process?
Once I sent the application form in, I received a link to a video interview. I had never seen anything like this before so I was super intrigued to experience this and I found it to be an incredible way of getting across my personality without being trapped behind a computer screen. I was then invited to London for a series of interviews, where I met all the members of the prospective team and I was made entirely comfortable through the process. It gave a perspective of what the culture at King is before I had even been accepted into the internship and I was even more thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years at King?
I would love to take ownership of more projects, possibly creating a campaign for a game launch. I think the avenues King opens up are extraordinary so I think I could be anywhere with the support of King!

Andy — 3D Artist Intern

What was your first day like in your department?
It felt surreal, seeing my desk, and all the equipment I’d be using, I felt overwhelmed with excitement and joy, since this was my first job at a studio. I met the team, they were extremely welcoming. We went to lunch and got acquainted, which was really awesome. Most of it was basically setting everything up, and being eager to get started.

Aside from your day job/project, what else do you enjoy most about working at King?
The environment/mood of the studio as a whole, the friendly faces and interactions you have with people outside of your team, the view from the building we’re in… and the free food!

Patryk — Gameplay Engineering Intern

What is a typical day like at King for you?
Usually, I start my day with a breakfast. We gather in the kitchen with a couple of team members and we are discussing our game or sharing some news.

After breakfast, there is time to organize your day. Reading emails, prioritizing tasks and thinking about how to approach problems. At 10 we have a daily standup where we present what have we done the previous day, what are our plans for today and what are our concerns or blockers. After this there is work. Apart from regular coding, there are numerous meetings where we discuss particular problems or plans for the future. At 12–13 there is usually a lunch break. Then again coding. I also like to go play ping pong with other interns for a couple of minutes to just not stare at the monitor all the time 🙂

What has been the biggest learning curve for you?
I think it was the multiplayer concepts because I was not familiar with it. But after watching a couple of tutorials and asking hundreds of questions I was starting to get confident about it.

Rebecca — Game Developer Intern

How was the interview process?
The interview process was exceptional — even with my complicated schedule, the recruitment team did an excellent job getting me in as quickly as they could. The whole process took about a week and consisted of a phone interview with the Studio Technical Director, and one in-person interview with several members of the team.

Admittedly, this was my first interview as an engineer. Sure, I’d done plenty of other interviews before, but none of them was technical in nature. With apprehensions weighing heavy on my mind, I felt like a nervous wreck leading up to my interviews. Thankfully, everyone I talked to did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and relaxed. They spoke to me on a level that was challenging but not demoralizing.

If you had to had to describe King to a potential new employee what would you say?
Awesome. Absolutely awesome! I feel like casual mobile/social companies don’t really get the credit that they’re owed. Don’t let the opinions of folks outside mobile/social sway you — King is a great place to be.

Fernando — Sourcing Intern

What attracted you to King?
Video games, What else? Haha and of course the possibility of learning and growing in my profession with a top team, people that love the same things I love, and share my same values. Meeting every day new people with that same attitude (the ones I would be interviewing as part of my job). And at the same time, learning the ins and outs of video game development and the industry. Also, when I dug deeper and saw the amazing work environment here — through the videos — I was super amazed; that just added fuel to the fire.

If you had to had to describe King to a potential new employee what would you say?
Have you played Candy Crush? Well, it’s Kings most famous game, together with Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch Saga. We focus on casual players, those who play on the way to work, on a study break or during the adverts of a movie. But hey, we are also part of Activision Blizzard, one of the main video game developers, and we are also working now on games for not so casual gamers, like the new Call of Duty for mobile.

We have hundreds of millions of players enjoying our games every month. We are an international crew, with offices in STO, LON, BAR, Seattle, SF, Tokyo… And we have fantastic a culture inside the Kingdom. The morning breakfast, the gaming rooms for the breaks, the creative and innovative spirit that fills the teams, working among friends…

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