The Complexity of Simple
Biz Stone

Great post, Biz! Being malleable is so important. Our goal is often to produce a very specific product or service in order to provide a very specific solution to a very specific problem or challenge. We tend to set our product or service in stone, before finding out how we can best serve our clients and customers. I believe it is far better to begin with a flexible framework and use as much feedback as possible to develop our products or services into solutions that provide the best possible value. The norm seems to be that products and services are created and customers must then simply learn to work within the boundaries that are imposed by the product or service. While this may not be a particularly big problem in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t the very best way to serve clients, users or customers. Adapting and allowing products and services to grow into the products and services that best serve people is the best way to add true and significant value.

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