What I’ve Learned About Periscoping

Periscoping at conferences to be exact.

Let’s start with how I thought it would go. I was going to attend SXSW and be able to send little bits of inspiration, motivation, and brilliant ideas to my friends and colleagues who weren’t able to go.

It would be great! We could save money on flights and ticket fees, I’d be able to capture and showcase a newish tool (Periscope). We’d all learn, and be inspired, and everyone would start using it!


Here’s what really happened. In my attempt to capture “moments that matter”, I’d start recording, hoping and anticipating some great words of wisdom [happening any moment now]… 10 minutes later… we’re still in context-land and my audience is…well…bored and lost.

I realize there is a reason that sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long…context and storytelling! This matters, a lot. And a 30 minute periscope? No thanks.

I went through this motion 3–4 times, hoping something great was in the next sentence. But it wasn’t. And unless you’re incredibly lucky or happen to know the deck before it’s presented, capturing these moments is like drinking one too many…. you know it’s happening but you can’t quite understand until after it’s finished.

So alas, I find myself here. On a trusty ole’ blog where I can summarize the inspiration, content, and story, far easier than capturing it live.

SO SHOUTOUT TO Medium [which btw, you can use for conference read-outs like this one to save money on flights and ticket fees]

And. For those of you determined to find a use case for Periscope, here are some of the scenario’s I could see working:

Traveling / Locations / Restaurants / Ambiance / etc.
Making something / Tutorial / Quick How-To’s
Personal Perspectives / Interviews / Celebrity

I’m starting to think it’s like a long-form Snapchat, right? With a little dash of openness and live interaction.

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