It’s just another laptop you loon

  • Never mentions name of laptop
  • The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is literally just another laptop, just because it is minimalistic and thin doesn't mean it’s a knock off
  • Amazed on how the boxes are somewhat similar size
  • They don’t even look that similar
  • Pointless smell comment
  • A bunch of colors equals two
  • Thinness doesn't equal low weight
  • Says he already dented the Macbook, referring to the Xiaomi, also what dent?
  • “Both Macbooks”
  • Contradicts himself on the Macbook lacking ports
  • You can change the language when you setup windows, and he can’t find English for some reason, and has to translate “Chinese”
  • You don’t need a Microsoft account
  • “What a name”, not much longer then the Apple
  • Half the storage if you get the most expensive version of the Macbook, just get an external SSD, the Mi may be expandable although I am not sure
  • They both have the same amount of ram, the Mi may be expandable although I am not sure
  • It cannot do more things faster
  • Failed to mention the Mi’s on board 940MX GPU
  • The comment at the end sums up the video
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