Pepsi didn't make a phone

  • He goes on and on about how amazing it is that Pepsi made a phone and that it is very good, even though Pepsi didn't make it, it is a Pepsi licensed product made by Shenzhen Scooby Communication Equipment
  • He milks a joke that gets old quick
  • Shoots for 50,000 likes even though he know his video will already hit that naturally
  • Thinks the new Crystal Pepsi is some kind of secret even though it’s literally in every store
  • It was a big deal back in the day because it was a product by Pepsi, not because it did well
  • Crystal Pepsi does not taste quite the same as normal Pepsi
  • Pretends that liking the video will somehow change the outcome of a prerecorded video, does this twice
  • Why is he SO surprised? They just took the color out
  • It says “partially produced with genetic engineering” on regular Pepsi as well
  • “Coca-Cola make a phone”
  • He will not send you a Pepsi
  • I am skeptical that the “regular photo mode” would do that
  • Would give away a Pepsi but not the “Pepsi phone”
  • Why is Braintree Payments wasting their money?
  • I doubt he knows what an SDK is
  • Wow, he can touch his toes!
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