In my opinion it’s not actually that important for an AI bot to pass the Turing test. As long as the bot can fulfill the requests of the user, it doesn’t yet matter whether or not the end user can’t tell if they’re talking to a human or not.
“Bot” is a hilariously over-simplified buzzword. Let’s fix that.
Matt Galligan

Matt, I totally agree. As I’ve said elsewhere, if bots are the next big thing, and break into mainstream, they don’t have to save the world or be super-smart, they just have to save us a bit of time or put a smile on our face. And as Phil has said, “ Think less Turing test and more R2D2. Bots don’t have to pretend to be human; they just have to be fast and effortless.”

Companies could put massive efforts into building a bot that appears smart, or they put your efforts into building useful and enjoyable bots that make their users feel smart. I think mainstream would prefer the latter.

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