BLAB — How To — Chat Commands

These are a list of commonly used / available chat commands. You may type these at anytime in the Chat part of a Live Blab!

@name — Will highlight (purple) and mention a user. The at-mentioned user will see a notification on their desktop / mobile (if notifications are enabled in Blab Profile) and web browser.

/topic — Change the Topic via the Chat. A great way to change the topic as the conversation evolves. Available to Host/Co-Hosts only.

/q — Question Flag. This puts your Question in a bubble beside your question. Easier to see. Also lists the question on the Left side for co/hosts to see better.

Using /q to ask a question

/cohost add <username>

/cohost remove <username>

/notify — Will notify all your followers to the current blab you’re in.

/snow or /letitsnow — Our Patent Pending / Trademarked Blab Snow is unique. You get to share the Festive feeling with everyone in the Blab without the need/requirement for anyone to put on a Parka and Shovel it!

Let others know how you feel…
No other text required after typing these commands

/shrug — Sends a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

/tableflip — Sends a (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

NOTE: This is a Live Doc. It will be updated as this information changes from Blab.