BLAB — How To Configure Chrome to access your Camera and Microphone

In order for you to Call-In to a Blab, whether you are Hosting or as a Guest, Google Chrome will need to access your Audio & Video source.

NOTE: Ensure you do NOT have Skype or other software which MAY put a permission LOCK on your Camera and/or Microphone. If unsure, go ahead and Quit/Kill all other apps that would typically use your Camera / Microphone. Then Quit/Kill Google Chrome then relaunch ~15sec later. This is important as you want to ensure Chrome has permission to access the Cam/Mic. In some situations, a reboot may be required.

Before you head on over to

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Copy / Paste this into your Browser address bar and hit enter: chrome://settings/content#media-stream-mic
  • Next, adjust your Microphone and Camera sources…
Adjust your Microphone and Camera settings

Once you have your Microphone and Camera devices properly set / configured, you can now log in to

  • Goto and log in
  • Either Join or Create a Blab (OR) join your own Blab Green Room
  • When you click the Call-In button, you should not have any issues being seen / heard. (so long as access to your hardware is not hindered by something else)
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