Blab — How To Upload Videos longer than 15 mins to YouTube!

Let’s face it… Most recorded Blab’s will likely be over 15 minutes. If you plan on uploading your Blab’s to YouTube, you will likely need to ensure that your account is properly setup to allow for videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

Below are the details you need to do this…

By default, YouTube will allow you to only upload videos that are 15 minutes or less. Verifying your account will ensure you are able to upload longer videos.

To upload videos longer than 15 minutes you must not have any strikes on your account, and make sure you are properly verified (images below).

Click here to Verify your YouTube Account

YouTube Verification Process to increase the default 15 min limit.

Select your YouTube Profile Picture (upper right)

  1. Select Creator Studio
  2. On the left, select Channel
  3. Select Status and Features

In the middle of the screen, make sure you see a Green Orb next to “Longer Videos” (see image below).

YouTube — Ensure you have a Green Orb next to “Longer Videos”

This will ensure you’re permitted to upload longer videos. Additionally, ensure that the STATUS of all other features are Green. If there are any that are NOT Green, ensure you research how to resolve.


Think there could be an issue between the permission you gave Blab to access YouTube? Check out this article on How To reset Blab’s access to YouTube


YouTube Help — Upload videos longer than 15 minutes