They built something really cool, and captured the hearts and minds of millions of people in less than a year.
Until we meet again, Blab
Dustin W. Stout

Blab was not the only video streaming / social media platform out there, but was one of the most famous in that it was widely adopted by adults having intelligent & articulate conversations in a way that Blab seemingly made “EASY”.

This allowed for those who were nervous meeting new people incredibly easy, as well as feeling less horrified to eventually get ‘ON-AIR’!

Every day I came across zero-day users who shared that they decided to sign up because of the conversation being tweeted out, a recommendation from the person, friend or group they followed, a public figure (like Brian Fanzo, Vincenzo Landino, Joel Comm, etc) who spoke highly of the product / platform on social media, an online article, YouTube video, etc. They went on to explain that if it wasn’t for the amazing community and conversations everyday on Blab, that they likely would not have removed the tape covering their camera!