World-Class Female-Founded Startups of 2017

Women have infinite potential to make incredible changes in this world. They are building nultimillion-dollar startups and venture firms such as BBG Ventures and Forerunner Ventures etc.

The year 2016 holds the list of all those women who started their own company, which began gaining ground in their second or third year of life. On the other hand, there are some marvelous women-run companies, which should be watched in the year 2017:


The company was founded by Ariel Kaye in 2014. The women believed that high-quality, personal comfort as well as smart design should not cost you a lot of money and thus, came up with this firm, which produces qualitative bedding from a factory situated in Italy and sells through its website only. Whenever, a set of its Venice line is purchased by the customer, the company donates a mosquito net to give kids of Africa a sound sleep.

Outdoor Voices

This is an active wear startup founded by Tyler Haney in the year 2013. The company is engaged in creating workout clothes that stays nice in any season. This woman wants her brand to be like Nike, Lululemon and Under Armour, but undoubtedly with a different positioning.


kate Ryder came up with Maven in the year 2014. This is a women’s health app that builds a connection between you and your doctor through a video chat. The app allows you to ask questions, take advice as well as receive prescriptions. Users can book their appointments from the comfort of their home to get the correct information instantly.


Modsy, the company founded in 2015 by Shanna Teller man that lets you see the furniture in your virtual house before finalizing the purchase. The pictures you take of your space are transformed into an online model, then the stylists helps you with a few designs that can be customized by you to have that perfect design.


The company was founded in 2012 by Stedman Hood, Daniel Nelson and Christina Bognet that builds the perfect and healthy meal plan as per their weight goals, diet preference, dietary restrictions and for telling all this you have to take a lifestyle quiz. With your customized meal plan, you can simplify your life and can delight your taste buds. Moreover, you can cook healthy meals with custom custom recipes and shopping lists.


This startup was founded in 2015 by Rebecca Kantar, which builds assessments in order to know how people think than what they know. The company will give you a closer look on your work done in math test than writing the solution. In other words, it will track the method of solving the problem.

Simple Habit

Yunha Kim wanted to help stressed out millennials and thus, came up with Simple Habit in 2016. This is the meditation app and with its five minutes session a day reduce stress, improve focus and also lets all busy professionals sleep better. In May, Apple featured this application as one of the new apps people love.

All these above-mentioned are some of the wonderful women-founded startups with some amazing concepts. Thus, there is no exaggeration in saying that they will soon touch the horizons of excellence.

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