The Rise of Podcasts

Is radio dead?

When I was a youngster, we used to gather around the radio to listen to shows like ABC Mystery Theater, Dragnet, The Shadow, and The Jack Benny Program. We were one of the last on our block to eventually get a TV, but I still have fond memories of the radio programs I would listen to with my siblings.

Today’s equivalent might be the podcast, but it’s different in many ways. The barriers to create your own program take little more than a computer, and of course a microphone. Or use your smartphone, which nearly everyone has these days.

There’s a podcast for every interest, and whether it’s for boomers, sports fans, motivation, health or you’re looking for meditation podcasts. The variety of topics is endless, as are the choices. But what’s really great is how they are ‘on demand’ and you can download them to listen to just about anywhere. In the car, at the gym, on the train, or when you go for a walk, you can enjoy your favorite topic or host whenever and wherever you like.

Having recently introduced my parents to this new technology, they can’t get enough. Being in their 80’s, they’ve adopted to new technologies quicker than most their age, and my mother was even asking about VR just last week, which made me happy to learn that they’re discovering on their own.

There’s so much for seniors, boomers and mature adults to discover, and podcasts are just the tip of the iceberg, as today’s technology affords most of us an opportunity to experience a much larger world. Their favorite being NPR, and a few others for boomers, it’s comforting to know that they’re adapting and adopting the technology available.

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