Executive Board, December 2015 after DemoDays hosted at Squarespace.

Semester Review: Fall 2015

As the year comes to a close, our team is excited and grateful for what’s to come, as well as what we’ve accomplished thus far. Fall 2015 was a great semester for Tech@NYU, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Here is our semester review! Note that this is just a list of our events with brief descriptions, so you can get a sense of the types of events we host. For more information/links to our Facebook events, visit cal.techatnyu.org. For more information about Tech@NYU, visit techatnyu.org. If you’re interested in making a donation or working with us, please contact bizdev@techatnyu.org


“September is always exciting because we spend most of the month recruiting for new executive board members. Our new board members are incredible, and have really shaped Tech@NYU this semester.” Terri Burns, President

9/14 Tech@NYU Kickoff: Our first event of the year, open to anyone interested in learning more about Tech@NYU.

9/20 Central Park NYC Picnic: An NYC picnic for Tech@NYU, Create@Cooper, ADI at Columbia, and hackNY!

9/21 (DesignDays) Designing for Wearables: A workshop to learn about designing a cross platform product and dealing with the constraints and paradigms of multiple devices and systems, lead by Benedikt Lehnert.


“I love the retreat because we see friendships and bonds blossom in a way that can only happen when you spend two days locked in a house in New Jersey” -Freia Lobo, Vice President

10/2–10/4 Our biannual retreat! Our executive board ventured to New Jersey to hang out, plan for our semester, and get to know one another better.

10/7 After Hours #1, hosted by executive board members Cheryl Wu and Brenton Durkee. After Hours is our weekly event where students can hang out at NYU and work on projects and homework, enjoy some food with friends, and meet new people!

10/8 October DemoDays at Venmo: Students from NYC demoed their awesome projects.

10/14 After Hours #2, hosted by executive board members Rosa Swaby and Pauline Ceraulo.

10/19 Introduction to ReactJS: A workshop about how to build awesome web applications with React, lead by former President Vivek Patel.

10/21 Tech@NYU Career Fair: Our annual career fair hosted at Work-Bench. (Want companies to see your resume? Upload it here.)

10/26 Prepping for the Technical Interview: A workshop for hands-on practice of the skills you’ll need for technical interviewing, hosted by DevBootCamp.

10/28 After Hours #3, hosted by executive board members Rosa Swaby and Pauline Ceraulo.


“I am proud that we were able to come together to at least try and learn something that was worthwhile, interesting and fun” -Jeff Lee, Random Makerthon of Kindness

11/4 After Hours #4, hosted by executive board members Nicholas Ang, Omayeli Arenyeka, and Kyle Hughes.

11/5 Venmo Info Session: For those interested in an internship at Venmo. Cosponsored by NYU Women in Computing and NYU Marketing Society.

11/7 Intro to HTML and CSS Workshop: An intro to HTML/CSS workshop lead by Cassidy Williams.

11/11 After Hours #5, hosted by executive board members Jhishan Khan, Katy Herrick, and Bryant Diaz.

11/11 Extra Life by Tech@NYU and Play the Games @ NYU: A game marathon dedicated towards raising money for children’s hospitals, sponsored by the Uncommons.

11/16 Introduction to Web Accessibility: A workshop to help people understand what they can do to make your sites more accessible, lead by Thomas Logan.

11/17 November DemoDays at Squarespace: Students from NYC demoed their awesome projects.

11/18 After Hours #6, hosted by executive board members Terri Burns and Roland Cassirerare.

11/21 Random Makerthon of Kindness: A Student Run Makerthon for kids 9–15 years old. http://www.makerthonofkindness.org/

11/23 Getting Started with UX Design: An opportunity to learn about the world of product design by learning about the Product team at Salesforce.

11/30 HackDays: An introduction to Ruby on Rails lead by alum Nate Berkopec.


“Tech@NYU is getting me through finals.” -Jhishan Khan, DemoDays lead

12/1 Introduction to Maya: 3D Low-Poly Modeling: A workshop teaching Autodesk’s Maya (3D modeling) for Unit.

12/2 After Hours #7 hosted by executive board members Abhi Agarwal and David Wang.

12/3 Tech@NYU Venture Capital Panel: We got to hear from professionals at top venture capital firms in NYC!

12/9 After Hours #8 hosted by executive board members Alice Li and Freia Lobo.

12/11 Tech@NYU Does It for The Vine: Tech@NYU visited the Vine team at Twitter HQ!

Thank you for a great semester and year. We are looking forward to 2016!

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