To celebrate the end of another academic year and the beginning of summer our crew shared their summer plans and favorite Tech@NYU memories. Check ’em out below and remember you can meet many of these great people through Office Hours!

Victoria Spann-Burton (President) This summer I’m interning at JP Morgan as a Technology Analyst, and plan to do a lot of bonding with everybody on the E-Board! I’ll also work on personal projects over the summer too and read a lot. My favorite Tech@NYU memory would definitely be running Freshman Circuit and hanging out with the most amazing students ever.

Ross Freeman (Vice President) This Summer, I’ll be an intern at Weight Watchers, working on their iOS Software Engineering team. My favorite memory is when someone I’d never met came up to me after an event and told me how much Tech@NYU had inspired them. It’s sometimes easy to lose perspective when you’re working on something so much, so it was extremely heartwarming to hear how much our team’s hard work has helped other people!

David Wang (Former President) I will be traveling to Canada, Block Island, and China with family and friends before starting at Handy as a Product Manager. I can’t wait to finish reading my list of books, start training for a marathon, and meet new people in the city. My favorite Tech@NYU memory was working with everyone on the board to do amazing work. My favorite event was the Startup Week Keynote with Tiffany Pham. Oh and who could forget FUN@NYU shenanigans.

Brenton Durkee I will be going to Croatia on vacation and then interning at Snapchat in LA.

Subhankar Ghosh I have about a month off before I start work at Goldman Sachs as a Strat in their Investment Banking Division. I am hoping to volunteer for some time with an urban design/renewal group.

Yelly Arenyeka I’ll be working at LinkedIn full-time as a Software Engineer starting in July! Before that, I’ll be going on a retreat as part of the Interact fellowship and going home to Nigeria to be with my family for a bit. I’ll also be volunteering as a college coach with Scholar Match, helping low-income students with their college application process.

Gunes Yalcin My favorite moment was the last meeting because I realized that I’m part of such a supportive community and David’s emotional speech melted my heart.

Ashley Teoh I’m staying in NYC to work as a software engineering intern at Justworks. After that, I’ll be traveling to Copenhagen and Amsterdam for fun, and to Malaysia and Singapore to hang out with my family and friends.

Abhinav Havaldar Organizing the game jam was my favorite memory.

Emmy O’Leary This summer, I’m going to Israel and then interning at ROKO Labs. My goal this summer is to do some random traveling adventures on the weekends, aka going Upstate.

Maggie Chu I will be in San Francisco this summer attending Horizons School of Technology. My personal goals are to learn more about technology and entrepreneurship and meet new people!

Michael Ligier I’m going to be an analytics intern at a fintech company called Upstart that does peer-to-peer lending! I also set a personal goal for myself to code every day and I’m taking an AI course. Apart from academic/work related things, I want to take some trips around California because even though I’m from the Bay Area, I don’t think I’ve explored California nearly as much as I’d like to!

Michelle Tu I’m planning on interning at a company called Integral Derivatives — they provide derivative trading services. I’m also planning on going to Acadia National Park in Maine for a week to hike and do cool outdoor stuff! Other than that, I’m just chilling, working out, and trying to save money for when I study abroad in Italy next semester.

Maura Puscheck I think my favorite memory is the meeting and discussion we had on International Women’s Day. It was really inspiring to hear from everyone!

Heather Schindler After graduation I will be traveling to England, Denmark, and Sweden, and later in the summer I will be going to Glacier National Park. Other than that I’ll be looking for a job and trying to check things off my long NYC bucket list!

Neel Baxi For the summer I’m going home to Seattle and still looking around for an internship. Hopefully I will do some traveling around the West Coast and spend time with family.

Pauline Ceraulo I would say Startup Week was my favorite memory because the entire board comes together and works to produce this amazing week of events. I also really enjoyed the ladies brunches and getting some bonding with the gals!

Sanjna Verma I enjoyed going to the Design Days events a lot this year because I learned so much about design thinking and got to learn from influencers in the field.

Kevin Cronly This summer I will be going to Asia for a month (not sure which countries yet). After that, I am going to be in SF or NYC trying to find a job.

Rosa Swaby This summer is my first summer in New York, so I am really excited! In terms of personal goals, I really want to work on myself mentally and physically, so I want to start working out more this summer and start doing things that I am passionate about. I also want to take the time to explore and enjoy the summer with Tech@NYU peeps!

Bryant Diaz This summer I will be doing media and marketing at the local nonprofit I’m part of, and will possibly also be a teaching assistant or group leader at a local summer camp teaching computer science and math.

We love to hear from you! Share your summer plans or favorite Tech@NYU memory below or let us know on Twitter (@techatnyu). Happy summer!

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