3 Weeks at Campus…

It’s been a bit of a strange start to the week for the Campus North and Tech for Life team as we are without our honorary team member! Over the last 3 weeks, Jordan Harrison from the Dynamo Apprentice Hub completed his work experience here. He got involved in all aspects of Campus life and became part of our little team from day 1, but I’ll let Jordan tell you more about his experience…

Week 1

Upon arrival for my first day at Campus North I was greeted by Lyndsey and given the background as to who are Campus North and what they do, as well as a tour of the building. Afterwards we got to discussing how my time at Campus North would be spent and what I would like to achieve from this. The original conclusion was made that I would create a plan for a startup using an idea of my own, however this later changed to me developing a website to use as an online portfolio after talking with some of the tenants.

This week also consisted of looking at many online tutorials as I had little to none preexisting knowledge of web development at this time. I also got to chat with some of the web developers working at Campus North who were able to help me and assist me when needed.

Week 2

On my second week of work experience at Campus North I proceed further working on the design and structure of my website learning the required HTML, CSS and PHP as it was needed. As well as this I continued to meet with various tenants who were happy to offer me advice and assist me with my development when I encountered a bug.

Throughout the second week I also had the opportunity to sit-in on a few of the meetings and events that were taking place for the Campus North team. The topics of these ranged from discussing their “Tech for Teachers” program to talking to Uni students on what it’s like setting up and running a startup company.

Week 3

For my third and final week I continued as usual with adding the finalising touches to my website such as writing these blogs posts as well as meeting new tenants and generally helping out when I could be of use. Overall I really enjoyed the time I have spent here, I met a lot of really cool interesting people and gained a lot of useful experience. It was also fun to work a different environment that appeared to be built upon community and happiness rather than the typical corporate company office. Both the people working as part of the Campus North team and their tenants were helpful and friendly making me feel welcome and making my time at Campus North enjoyable and I’d like to thank them all for that.

And we’d like to thank you for getting involved with all of our tenants and for being part of our team! Thanks Jordan!