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Our search has begun for the UK and Ireland’s #FutureMakers

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4 min readFeb 2, 2018


Sage Foundation & Tech for Life have teamed up to scour the UK and Ireland seeking out future inventors, trailblazers and innovators. We’ll be armed with coding, ChatBot and AI experts who’ll be sharing their skills and knowledge in a bid to find the next best UK and Irish tech leaders. The chance to win an exclusive work experience placement at a top tech company like Sage is up for grabs!

So what is a ChatBot?

According to Botpress

“The most intuitive definition is that a bot is software that can have a conversation with a human. For example a user could ask the bot a question or give it an instruction and the bot could respond or perform an action as appropriate.”

Big brands such as Starbucks, Dominos and Spotify are all using Facebook Messenger Bots to allow their customers to interact with them. They’re an easy alternative when ordering coffee, food or sharing that one song you’ve been listening to on repeat.

They can simulate a human conversation with the bonus of being relatively cheap and always available to chat.

So where does AI come in to all of this?

Apps such as Facebook Messenger have a platform which makes it easy for companies to build Bots that allow their consumers to interact with them.

The Techopedia website sums up AI as:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans”

An AI powered ChatBot uses a mixture of Machine Learning and something called Natural-Language Processing (NLP). In easy terms, this means it can be programmed to understand text or verbal communication and can respond appropriately. Mimicking that of a human.

Why are we passionate about AI & ChatBots?

The world is embracing the likes of Siri and Alexa more and more. Oracle conducted a survey asking businesses which emerging technologies they were most interested in and 80% of them declared how they’re already using, or plan to use, ChatBots by 2020.

It’s an exciting side of technology that’s going to play a big part in our future. With that being said, our Sage Future Makers Lab programme is a great opportunity for young people to have a taster of what’s involved and who knows, we might even discover or help inspire the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs!

“Tell us more about the programme!” We hear you shout!

Step 1

We’ll be spending one day in Newcastle, Reading, Manchester, London and Dublin where we’ll be inviting #FutureMakers to come along and explore this technology with us. The day will consist of a hands-on workshop where you will learn about ChatBots and how to create them with the help of experts from Sage UK’s very own tech team.

Sage UK will be spotting the top talent to invite them to…

Step 2

Twenty of the best digital superstars we’ve spotted on our nationwide tour will be invited to join us for the second stage workshop in September 2018. It’s here that you’ll develop your own project using AI. Sage’s leading tech mentors will be on hand to help you create, design and build the future…

Step 3

By October 2018, a select crew of creators, the ninjas of tech, will be offered work experience in a top tech company. This is a once in a life-time chance to find out what it’s like to be part of an exciting, innovative tech team.

Here’s those all important dates for Step 1

Newcastle: Sat 17th March
Manchester: Sat 28th April
Reading: Sat 23rd June
London: Sat 14th July
Dublin: Tues 14th August

Who should apply to join us?

We are looking to find the next inventor of Siri or Alexa! Ideally you’ll between 14-18 with an interest in design and programming, we want to hear from you! We’ll be covering everything from concept to development of a fully functioning ChatBot and we need a host of budding designers and developers to help out.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop your skills, enhance your CV and get ahead of the rest. A phenomenal future career in tech awaits…

Click here to register your interest for Reading and here for London or if you want to join us in Dublin register here!!

Alexa, Siri, Tesla… what’s next? The future of tech is in your hands!

T: 0191 308 2807



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