Can you hear the static?
Can you hear the Static??

I realize there is a sound in me that screams or just shoves me to do the right things. It’s like being caught up amidst a traffic sign, and everyone is just honking at you. The sheer intensity of the situation freezes you, which further exacerbates the situation.

Herein my case — my reality, it’s just me being numb with a headache, an uncomfortable static. You want it to stop. You want to calm yourself.

I try to sleep. Telling my senses to calm down. But I am forever sleeping. Hoping one day, I wake up, and the buzz is off. And, I will just take a breath, and I will walk towards my destination unscathed, no matter the traffic.


Deepthy Rose Jose, an engineer with creative instincts, who is passionate about Storytelling & Interactive narrative experiences.

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