DirecTV Now gaining cloud DVR feature and all new look

AT&T today announced that they will be unveiling their next-generation video platform this fall, coming to DirecTV Now subscribers first.

DirecTV Now subscribers will be among the first to experience the new video platform which will include a cloud DVR feature. This will allow DirecTV Now subscribers to record their favorite shows and have them available to watch anywhere, at any time, on demand in 4K and HD quality. This feature will bring DirecTV Now up to par with other live TV streaming services who have had some sort of DVR recording for some time now. AT&T did not mention how much storage would be available for recordings, but will likely reveal more as we get closer to fall.

“We all want easy and quick access to our content, regardless of where, when or on what device we watch it,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Entertainment Group. “By developing for a single video platform, we’ll deliver new features and platform innovations in a faster, more efficient way. And it will be simple and consistent wherever you watch — TV, phone or tablet.”

AT&T will also be unveiling an all new user-friendly interface for DirecTV Now and later other AT&T consumer video services. This will “provide a consistent look and feel” across all of the company’s consumer video services in the United States once completed updated.

DirecTV Now New User Interface

Other features including pausing live TV and parental controls are expected to be supported later this year followed by user profiles, download and go (offline watching), and 4K HDR sometime in 2018.

Beta testing for the new platform will begin this summer, according to AT&T. Select DirecTV Now customers who receive invites will be among the first to test the new cloud DVR feature and updated user interface.

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