Best Libraries and Tools for Android Developers

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system ever developed that boasts the market share of almost 80%, for a Mobile Operating System with such a large user base it’s not a surprise that there would be thousands of developers and engineers having tremendous skills on android application development.

Unfortunately, Android application development is not that easy as it requires a serious skill set and dedicated team of engineers working round the clock to built something awesome that makes the life of billions of smartphones users around the world easier.

Thanks to the tremendous advancement in technology, the technical world have arrived in such a condition that exist tonnes of libraries to solve any issue that a developer face irrespective of the programming language used.Upon this plethora of libraries that have made programming really simple we also have tons of tools and softwares that makes programming even simpler and faster.

This particularly made android development easier and gave developers freedom to not to reinvent the wheel which leverages the usage of existing libraries to decrease the development time and increase the efficiency of the application being developed.This practice also enhances the code re-use. read more