Hybrid App UI Framework Comparison

The days of just native app are about to be extinct in mere future. The trend is turning over other alternatives to build rapid and native like apps. This is where cross platform Apps come into picture. As the name suggest cross platform apps are the apps that you develop (code) once and will be able to build for multiple platforms.

Even though it sounds independent of native, we cannot rule-out the native completely as the app requires the same old native structure and support code so that the app can be built into native.

This is the reason why cross platform Apps is referred to as Hybrid Apps. A mixture of cross platform and native codes. Now the question is what if I dont know how to build the native code part for different platforms? Well fortunately there are frameworks that will build this native code for us and all we need to concentrate is on building webApp using HTML5,CSS3 and JavaScript.

To further ease our work while building webApp, there are Hybrid UI frameworks which provides lots of widgets so that we can concentrate working on functionality rather than custom creating the widgets (components).

There are lots of Hybrid UI framework available in the market right now. We compared what we found to be the better frameworks.

We started with many UI frameworks and ended up selecting four framework which we found to be better. However we did consider only two platforms for comparing iOS and android.

Initial sorting was done based on the native appeal provided by the framework. And selected the following four frameworks for further comparison Kendo UI, PhoneJS, Sencha Touch and Ionic framework. read more