Why Retailers Should Build A Mobile App

Retail can be a tricky business. And that’s why it is so critical for the industry to stay on top of technology trends.

And let’s face it: mobile apps are absolutely reshaping the retail industry.

The ubiquity of mobile devices has allowed retailers to strategize extremely effective ways to connect with their consumers. Harnessing mobile technology effectively in order to streamline operations and forge relationship building between retailers and consumers, has become an important discussion point for stakeholders across the globe.

What’s in it for customers:

The number of consumers using mobile apps is growing extremely rapidly. Given the current smartphone-obsessed environment we live in, it comes as no surprise. But what this means for retailers is that there is a huge chunk of potential they might miss out on, if they don’t incorporate mobile into their marketing strategy. A recent report from Alibaba revealed a shocking piece of information — Alibaba apparently makes more money from their mobile customers than their non-mobile customers!

Ebay too, had a similar story to tell when it reported that $9.5 billion of their Q2 sales of 2016 came from mobile as well. What’s more? 57% of ALL of eBay’s Q2 sales involved a mobile touchpoint. Read more