Mobile Apps Help Business In Customer Outreach

Smartphone users form 70% of online population in United States of America. This iterates that 251,688,000 out of 326,767,000 online people in USA own smart devices. These statistics are revealed by Global Mobile Market Report by Newzoo in September 2018.

In 2017, 63% of people in USA used internet through mobile phones, instead of computer. This is 6% increase from 2016, according to SimilarWeb.

It yields that businesses can use Custom Mobile App Development Services to grasp this potential growth oriented market of Mobile Apps for increased exposure and success.

Mobile Apps increase Customer Outreach for Business

54.4% smartphone users are making use of Google Android based devices in United States. Apple IOS running mobile devices are second most popular smartphone choice with 44.3% market share. These stats are derived from June 2018 study titled Smartphone Platforms Market Share by Statista.

Samsung was leading vendor of Android powered smart phones being used in USA with over 20% market share in 2017 according to Gartner and International Data Corporation (IDC).

Mobile applications add value to the business process. Mobile apps increase customer engagement, loyalty and retention. These applications increase visibility to customers. Mobile applications usually work faster than websites.

Mobile apps are efficient, secure and scalable. Customers can access mobile applications swiftly and easily. Mobile apps help businesses in 24/7 operations. Mobile applications help in standing out from the crowd as not every business has these.

People nowadays like to do shopping and other e-commerce activities on the go. Businesses can tap into this potential through Mobile Applications. Customers can reach businesses of their liking at any time. Mobile Apps can offer great User Experience with few taps.

One of the top advantages for users is that minimal text input is required to complete tasks. Most of the apps blend well with Social Media normally. Create in-app content to help people in sharing the awesome features and updates with social networking websites.

Mobile applications enhance overall branding and reputation of businesses. So if your business needs a mobile app, then choose a reliable Custom IT Services Company like United States based Techliance for best and cost effective solutions.

Post is originally taken from Mobile Apps Help Businesses In Reaching Customers on Telenews.