Blackberry Secures First Position in Security Commitment

Blackberry Ltd has always made a commitment with its customers, to provide them with privacy and security — and it is proud to have done that again.

Blackberry Ltd. has never compromised on its security, even when it launched Priv, the first Android powered smartphone; it guaranteed to its users that it will live by its commitment of providing the ultimate security in its phones.

The Canada based smartphone maker did so by pursuing an aggressive patching strategy. It has managed to live by its commitment as it released its patch 24 hours after Google its monthly security bulletin. Earlier last weekend, the company praised itself of living by the commitment it made to its customers and went on about the commendable job that it did of timely vulnerability patching.

The chief security officer at Blackberry, David Kleidermacher stated that the Canadian smartphone manufacturer is the first OEM that has managed to deliver patches in line with Google’s public disclosure; and hence narrowing down the vulnerability that the customers are exposed to. Seeming for other companies, he said that the other vendors can take up to weeks, months or even years to provide this kind of security to its customers and hence putting them at risk. He added that it is mainly because of this reason that Blackberry is still considered the undisputed leader in the Mobile Security and Privacy market.

Last year, Google along with a number of other OEMs has decided to roll out updates on a monthly basis after they were exposed to the StageFright vulnerability. Android devices have always had this issue to increase vulnerability, for this reason, the search engine giant came forward to provide increased security and privacy to its own customers.

The releases have been coming out for the past four months by Google and Blackberry is probably the only one that has managed to release its updates on time, mainly because BBRY takes the privacy as well as security of its customers quite seriously. In addition to that, security is something that the company had been known for, for years, it serves as a competitive advantage in the industry. The Canada based smartphone manufacturer has always made security its source of selling its products — and hence it has managed to release the update for Priv on time.

Another thing that Google does to fasten the process of providing patches to the customers is that it rolls of a list of security vulnerabilities on Android which makes it necessary for all the OEMs to roll out an update/ patch so that their customers are not exploited by the risk that come with those vulnerabilities. The smartphone maker managed to secure first position on that list however many others were followed by it as they rolled out their updates with a gap of a few weeks or months.

The past few years the company has been on a roller coaster ride — it got to a point where it was about to leave the smartphone market and move towards working on other profitable businesses but it has managed to regain a small portion of its honor again. The CEO of BBRY, John Chen stated before launching the Priv, that in case the smartphone fails in the market, the company will exit the mobile business. With the success of the latest product, Blackberry is expected to roll out another Android powered phone, later this year.

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