Cultural Anthropologist Serves Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company benefits from the services of cultural anthropologist, Michael Thomas, whose research improves the marketing policies of the company.

Cultural anthropologist, Michael Thomas, is serving the American vehicle manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, in analyzing the relationship between cars and their users, as reported by Ford news. This report indicates that the company intends to learn about their user’s feelings.

Experts stated the view that such a study would not only improve the organization’s reputation but also identify the most attractive features of the product. Mr. Thomas believes that ‘somethings’ develop ties with humans and become a part of their culture. His belief suggests that he is interested in examining the means by which humans interact with cars. More specifically, he is interested in finding out the ways by which vehicles aid human beings to strengthen their living standards in the world.

Ford news today highlighted that the management of the automaker is interested in examining the means by which vehicles affect human lives, which proposes that the company wants to study the effects of cars on owners as well. Ford is not new for the cultural anthropologist, as he has been working in the company for a time span of 24 months.

Ford Breaking news informed that Mr. Thomas, along with his group, only gathered information in the first year, by studying a Chinese dad, who was passionate about extreme games. He valued his car a lot, as it suits his new role as protector and guardian. Therefore, he has opted for a safe and sporty vehicle that would protect his family from the traffic conditions of the second largest economy in the world.

The findings of the study concluded that social roles significantly shape car-purchasing decisions. Experts stated that the disclosed personal details could prove useful for the company, as cultural information could be used to pioneer vehicles. They also recommend that the executives of the corporate giant should devise strategies to use the study’s findings in an efficient manner; otherwise, its efforts could be wasted. Psychologists can play an essential role in using the researched knowledge to infer meaningful results from it.

It is probable that the anthropological assistance would add to the marketing potential of the company. The expert’s guidance could segment the vehicle market in a better manner, as it is a very effective selling tool.

Different customers are interested in using different products. Industry experts believe that the use of such cultural experts could improve the means by which automobiles are marketed in the competitive world. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the social expert is able to play its role in affecting the policies of the business.

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