Dell Introduces Wireless Dock

Dell has introduced a wireless dock, which is designed to connect laptops to a number of peripheral devices, such as printers and monitors.

The American computer manufacturer, Dell, has introduced a wireless dock, which is designed to eradicate the need for multiple cords. Dell news reported that this new device has been developed in collaboration with the American chip manufacturer, Intel Corporation. The dock is quite consumer-friendly, as its users would not need to connect their laptop to any high-tech product.

The users of the newly introduced setup only require a laptop, convertible tablet, or Ultra-book. These equipments would build a wireless communication channel. A number of portable products are capable of working with this dock, such as Dell’s Latitude 7000 and 5000 models that feature Intel’s fifth generation core vPro processors equipped with an optional Tri-band Wireless-AC 17256 enabled.

The new device is capable of managing a pair of external displays along with a keyboard, mouse, and audio. Dell computer stated that all the information exchanged between the dock and notebook is secured and encrypted with 1EEE 802.11 authentication protocols, which indicates that the users of the system should not be worried about the safety of the communicated data.

Experts stated the view that the new data-transferring channel would minimize the dependence on ports and cables. Company sources have revealed that the new facility would eliminate the need for compatible laptops to be linked with peripheral devices, such as printers, external storage drives, displays, and monitors. This information suggests that the system would minimize the difficulties of computer users.

Dell stock highlighted that the manufacturer has previously launched wireless dock D5000. The newly launched dock is similar to the previous dock, as both of them have made use of WiGig technology which is capable of exchanging data at a speed of 7Gbps.

Industry sources have reported that WiGig is faster than ‘connectors’, such as Universal Standard Bus 3.0, which is capable of operating at a speed of 5 Gbps. This report tells us that the users of the dock would find data-transferring convenient. The new high-tech device would connect a laptop with two monitors. It has been introduced at a good time, as the manufacturer has just begun selling its first laptops with internal chips from Intel.

The managements of both companies, Intel Corporation and Dell, want to ensure that connectivity ports are no longer used. It is probable that their joint efforts would make the lives of laptop users easier than before. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the wireless system is able to affect the means by which devices are used in the modern digital world.

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