Entrepreneur, Kevin Halpern, Files Against Uber

Uber has faced tough times as Kevin Halpern files lawsuit against it.

Uber has faced tough times as an entrepreneur, Kevin Halpern, has filed a lawsuit against it. Uber news reported that the petitioner has accused the firm of stealing his business secrets. Mr. Halpern has claimed that he shared the confidential details of a passenger driving mobile technology with the transporter’s chief executive officer, Travis Kalanick.

Mr. Travis then employed the high-tech feature for introducing the transportation service. Kevin’s lawyer had told the court that he that had spent seven years on developing the feature that he believes is the source of the cab service’s application. The spokesperson of the firm has stated that the claims are baseless and demand retribution, as reported by Uber news today.

Uber, founded in 2009, serves its users with a mobile application that allows users to hire a vehicle from their cellphones. The taxi company started its operations in San Francisco and is now working as the world’s leading cab-hiring service that is operational in more than 57 different states of the world. It is also the second most valued venture-backed company in the world with a value of $41,200,000,000.

The firm has also sued against Travis, co-founder of the service, Garrett Camp, and venture investors, Founder Collective, First Round Capital, and Benchmark Capital. The investors have not shared their views regarding the petition. Uber is not the only modern company that has been sued for copying technology, as other organizations have also been targeted in a similar manner. These include Apple, iPhone, Google, and Facebook.

Kevin argues that he had established a model and beta test for the cab hailing service, but he did not file for copyrights or patents. His lawyer says that he has a time capsule that has locked and secured his original plans. The petitioner has stated that he trusted Kalanick and they had verbally agreed to maintain the secrecy of the technology.

Kevin is not new to the legal world, as he had filed a similar petition against serial entrepreneur, Anu Shukla, in 2009, but the case was rejected by the court in 2014. Uber technologies affirmed that a number of lawsuits have been previously filed against the company. Drivers have alleged the company for treating them as contractors rather than workers, which means that Uber does not need to pay for their health insurance or work compensation.

Similarly, passengers have also filed against Uber, and blamed its driving partners for abusing them. The authorities of different states have acted against the service as well. The court’s verdict would determine its chances of survival.

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