Expansion Of Tesla Supercharger Network Threatened By 200 kW Wireless Charger

Tesla Supercharger network might not be the fastest charging technology now

While everyone was observing Tesla Model 3 at the launch event in February 2016, CEO Elon Musk made a significant announcement regarding the American electric carmaker’s 2 charging station networks. He stated the company will increase the number of its Superchargers to 7000 units as well as increase the number of its destination charging facilities to 15,000 units in the upcoming 2 years.

If approximately 400,000 Tesla Model 3 reservations turn into orders, the automaker will certainly need every station to permit its customers to travel for long distances and make road tours. Now, we learn that the organization is starting to work. The EV maker began construction or secured permits at 11 new areas (90 new Superchargers) since the launch event.

Newly attained permits have been taken for new Supercharger facilities in Magog (Quebec), Landsberg (Germany) and Plattsburg (NY). The procedure can be difficult a lot of times and long since it is dependent on many outside parties such as local utilities, contractors and municipalities. They all need to join to bring new facilities online, which isn’t permanently a painless procedure such as everything in the infrastructure business.

We have heard many stories regarding frustrated owners of Model S waiting for their domestic Supercharger to come online, while there is some kind of hold-up in one bureaucratic procedure or another.

Now, but after establishing more than 3600 Superchargers and 600 stations, the automaker has learned many things and we are beginning to find new stations moving through the procedure and coming on the internet in a quicker manner.

Also, we must begin to look for more facilities entering their establishment stage up now that snow is melting and winter is gone. Before being appointed in the company 3 years ago, a graduate of MIT and veteran of US Navy, Lankton was heading Swiss- Swedish robotic company ABB’s effort to establish electric automobile infrastructures.

At a time when the company’s network of supercharger is getting a lot of attention, the other charging network, the network of Destination chargers will probably be launched in the European region in late month.

The network uses level 2 charging facilities installed at hotels and restaurants to charge once you have come to your destination, therefore the name. According to The Country Caller, the organization has not indicated that it would increase the charging rate of its facilities. A wireless charging service provider, Momentum Dynamics announced that it would provide a 200-kilowatt (kW) wireless charging system in late 2016.

That is not an ordinary technology; in fact it is much fast than Supercharger, which charges at a rate of 135 KW. CEO Andrew Daga stated the organization just provided 50kWh and 25 kW facilities to a partner in the vehicle industry in 2015.

According to Electrek, recently it was testing a 1.5 kW wireless technology with Google for its autonomous vehicles.

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