Facebook Introduces GIFs Support

The American social network, Facebook, has decided to support animated GIF images.

The American social network, Facebook, has decided to support animated GIF images. Facebook news reported that the newly supported GIF is a graphic image that follows a loop, pioneered by a combination of consecutive pictures. This animated feature is not new to the social networking world, as a number of companies are already benefitting from it, such as Imgur, Twitter, Reddit, and Buzz Feed.

Facebook news today informed that the platform would permit its users to post the newly supported images in their News Feed by publishing a link in the status update box. Currently, it disallows its users to upload the animated format. If users try to post any GIF from their mobile device or computer, the network reacts by transforming it to a still image.

Facebook Breaking news affirmed that user’s ‘autoplay settings’ help in deciding that whether animated GIFs in one’s News Feed would operate automatically or not. To use the graphic images, a user requires configure the desired settings. The management of the company has stated that the latest update has been launched to permit users to communicate in a funny manner.

CompuServe pioneered the GIF file format in the later part of 1980s. The popularity of animated GIFs increased rapidly in the 1990s, when they were uploaded in profiles. In the initial part of the 20th century, social networking giant, MySpace, also permitted its users to benefit from such images.

Experts stated that this supported file format does not work well with outdated web browsers and slow internet connection. Social media sources have highlighted that the formats are also used in a number of other industries, such as marketing and publishing.

The American online media company, Hulu, has taken a step to promote the graphic formats, as it has launched a website to help its users search for television related graphic images by the show names, actions, and reactions. The social network could have previously launched the feature, but an internal debate forced it to refrain from it.

The recently introduced update is expected to face different reactions. Some users would believe that the graphic updates would not add to the ‘fun element’ of the site, while others would view them as interesting.

The company should now take steps and devise strategies to launch the new updates in the best possible manner, or it might not be successful. Industry experts believe that the response of the users would finally determine and judge the performance of the said feature.