Facebook invites App Developers to Join Facebook Messenger Family

The latest Facebook news is about the F8 conference where the social network giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed that the future of the company lies in the apps and providing the ability to the members to share whatever they wish to and wherever.

The CEO told approximately 2,000 developers attending the conference in San Francisco:

“We’re building this family so we can offer unique, world-class experiences for all of the ways that people want to share.”

The shift from a single service to applications, grouped together as a family, is a major one. Mark Zuckerberg said:

“Moving from just being a single service to a family of world-class apps for helping people share in different ways is the biggest shift that we’ve made in our strategy of helping to connect people in many years.”

The significant part of the future strategy that Facebook holds is in the platform for new Messenger. The CEO said that the Messenger has developed and is capable to be used by people to express themselves in new ways. And also to connect a lot of people around the world and becoming an integral communication tool.

The platform can also be used for business purposes to communicate with the end-users directly. And the CEO thinks it will improve everyone’s life.

With the platform, we realize that it is going to become another mobile OS created by Facebook.

The Facebook news reports that the platform will enhance the flow of work between different apps by making it feasible and easy to share data among the apps.

Messenger’s enhancement can be seen as the market necessity that Facebook has looked into. It is needed due to the competition in the market where easier communication tools and apps have been opted by people. The social network giant is trying to increase the features in Messenger as they are in other messenger apps and also trying to reach out to e-commerce to be on the top.

A lot of support is needed by the company because it is definitely an aggressive goal, after that they have added e-commerce to the list as well. This Messenger is aiming to be utilized by not only the businesses but also the end-users and consumers.

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg has suggested the “family of apps” to be the righteous approach in order to cater the needs of all the customers and users but it might also be a way of coping with future qualms in the market.